10 Best Courthouse Wedding Dresses

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Whether you have finally decided to elope or that today is the best day to get married, a courthouse wedding can be just as romantic as any other kind of wedding, no matter how spontaneous or small.

All you need is your partner, a wedding license, some witnesses and of course, the right dress. Just because you are skipping out on the big white wedding doesn’t mean you should be robbed of the experience of wearing a gorgeous dress. Minimalist dresses are super trendy, but so are many alternative bridal dresses like suits, rompers and two-pieces.

It has never been a better time in fashion to ditch tradition and finds the perfect wedding dress for your courthouse date. Here are 10 wedding outfits that are perfect for a courthouse wedding.


10 Sheer With Puffy Sleeves

Feel like a princess in a dress with sheer layers, lace, a ballerina skirt and puffy sleeves, but make it short to fit the courthouse occasion. This dress is quite the statement to look amazing in your wedding photos, yet it is simple enough to wear anywhere and have fun doing it.

Dress it up with some stylish shoes and the perfect hairstyle, and maybe a blingy earring.

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9 White Cocktail Dress

Keep things classy and simple with a white cocktail dress, this is the kind of dress that you can wear anywhere and as many times after the wedding, which makes it special because it can be a part of your wardrobe.

The classic square neckline with a slit on the side will never go out of style and you can dress it up with any accessories.

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8 A Trendy Three-Piece Suit

Right now suits are the ultimate capsule closet item, and white suits are even having their moment in fashion, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Get a three-piece white suit with wide-leg trousers, an oversized blazer and a corset top that is either strapless or with dainty straps.

You can mix and match the pieces for night or day, and you will look so trendy yet classy in your wedding photos.

7 Satin Vintage

Go for a vintage look with a satin midi gown with satin buttons down the front or side. This is a great look for a courthouse wedding because it is similar to how folks used to get married back in the early twentieth century.

Even though a courthouse wedding is less traditional these days, honor the old traditions with a satin gown.

6 White Blazer Dress

A trendy look that is stylish now is a white blazer dress. This is a modern version of the suits that women would get married in in the early twentieth century, making it a fun nod to tradition while also going super modern.

Blazer dresses come in many colors, feel free to pick your favorite if you want a wedding dress that isn’t white. 

5 A Midi Wedding Gown

If you have always wanted to wear a traditional wedding dress, why not get what you want and find the best dress for the courthouse? This midi-length embroidered gown gives a nod to tradition, but by simply shortening it to a midi length, it is more casual.

You can almost wear it again, and still get your white wedding vibes photos.

4 Short & Fitted With A Puffed Sleeve

As the ’70s are trending now, they are making their way into wedding dress design too. Short dresses with a puffed sleeve are typical of the ’70s and it looks great for the courthouse. It is simple, elegant and trendy, what more could you want for a courthouse wedding dress?

3 A Jumpsuit Or Romper

If you want to wear pants, but also want some detail that you could have with a dress, choose a romper instead. Rompers are comfortable, elegant and powerful. The featured romper has an off-the-shoulder look, but you could also go strapless, asymmetrical or even a romper with cutouts.

Jumpsuits are versatile and give you a lot of re-wearing options, and similar to the suit, you can pick any color if you want to go further from tradition.

2 A Two-Piece Set

Thanks to TikTok two-piece sets are the hottest outfits of the summer, and there is nothing cooler than a two-piece courthouse wedding outfit, plus you can style each item again and again.

The featured two-piece is simple enough that you can wear it again and elegant enough to look great in photos forever.

1 Something You Can Wear Again

The whole point of a courthouse wedding is to avoid the stress, and that includes the outfit. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to wear a white dress, or even find the perfect courthouse, wear what is comfortable and what you love. Back in the day, women wore an elegant outfit to their wedding, but something that they could wear again.

From a cotton sundress that you can wear all summer, to that outfit you have been eyeing for months, treat yourself to what is the perfect outfit for you.

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