The Best Japanese Tattoos For Men In 2021

There are examples of tattoos ideas that go back thousands of years — we’re looking at you Otzi Man — but when it comes to modern tattooing, it all started in Japan. With origins dating back to the Jodom period (10,000 BCE-300 CE) most designs we generally consider to be a Japanese tattoo, known as irezumi, arose during the Edo period (1603-1868). 

Known for the meticulous details and depth of color that tell Japan’s complex mythical cosmology, Japanese tattoos are usually comprehensive designs that cover large portions of the body. Full or half sleeves — often continuing up onto the chest — are common, as well as designs on the corresponding areas of the legs and striking full back pieces.

Flowers, animals, dragons, warriors, and geishas are typical elements of Japanese tattoos and can be found in this collection that is sure to inspire. 

1. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Probably the

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Is blonde hair over? Why so many women are going brunette this fall

First Gen Z came for our skinny jeans. Then our side-parted hair. And now, the young have deemed blonde locks dunzo.

Last week, some sassy gals on TikTok declared blonde hair “cheugy” — or in millennial, Gen X or boomer parlance, terribly unhip.

But can light locks really be “over”? Thanks to the pandemic forcing ladies to see their true colors after salons shuttered — and a slew of celebrities reaching for dark dye — the bombshell bright shade seems to be taking a backseat to bold brunette.

“Seeing all of the transformations on TikTok is what made me actually make the decision,” 24-year-old Morgan Rosztoczy told The Post of her dramatic makeover. “I live in San Diego and everyone here is blonde so I am excited to stand out in the crowd.”

Indeed, Rosztoczy, who works in aesthestic dermatology sales, said that she’s seen a change in the

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