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Lynn Imbier

Offering all men and women worldwide the very best of cosmetics, haircare and perfume in terms of quality, efficacy and security. Teknologi internet seperti pengecer on-line dan platform media sosial telah memberi jalan bagi tren untuk diidentifikasi, dipasarkan, dan dijual segera. 34 Gaya dan tren mudah disampaikan secara on-line untuk menarik trendsetter. Posting di Instagram atau Facebook dapat dengan cepat meningkatkan kesadaran tentang tren baru dalam style, yang selanjutnya dapat menciptakan permintaan tinggi untuk barang atau merek tertentu, 35 teknologi “tombol sekarang” baru dapat menghubungkan gaya-gaya ini dengan penjualan langsung.

Tiongkok adalah pasar yang menarik untuk ritel fesyen karena motivasi konsumen China untuk berbelanja barang-barang fesyen unik dari Audiens Barat. forty four Demografi memiliki hubungan terbatas dengan motivasi belanja, dengan pekerjaan, pendapatan dan tingkat pendidikan tidak memiliki dampak; tidak seperti di negara barat. Pembeli jalanan di Tiongkok lebih suka petualangan dan belanja sosial, sementara pembeli on-line dimotivasi oleh belanja ide. … Read More

Menswear Collectors Explain Their Obsessions

For Jay-Z, it’s watches; for Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s twenty-something girlfriends; and for Napoleon, it was countries. As long as there have been things to collect, men have sought to do so.

Stylish guys are no different. In fact, some of the most impressive collections in the world hang inside (and overflow out of) men’s wardrobes. We’re thinking of mountains of sneakers that would tower over a double-decker bus or ties so valuable they could secure a small house.

From horological hoarders to streetwear savants, here the most prominent menswear enthusiasts showcase their collections. And not a dusty stamp or Beanie Baby in sight.

The Sneaker Collector

Kish Kash

Sneakers were once just comfortable footwear that stopped you getting into nightclubs. Today, they’re a $55bn (£40bn) dollar industry, with around a billion of that dedicated solely (geddit?) to the resale market. This isn’t just a hype machine. It’s an economy and

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25 Of The Best Blackwork Tattoos For Men in 2021

If you’re looking for truly bold tattoos for men, blackwork tattoos are some of the loudest body art statements around. Some of the simplest ways to tattoo, blackwork has been around for centuries, especially in Indigenous cultures like Hawaii or Samoa. These days, the art style has expanded tremendously to include almost any style or design you can think of.

If you came here because you’re a fan of black and grey style tattoos, you should know that blackwork tattoos are NOT black and grey. Unique from any other tattooing style, there are no lighter pigments involved in blackwork at all. You’ve only got one color option, and you can probably guess what that is.

There are plenty of awesome options out there, so we gathered some eminent blackwork tattoo ideas to be your muses before you sit down in the chair.

1. Traditional Blackwork Tattoo

Norman Collins (a.k.a. Sailor

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The Best Shampoo For Men You Can Buy In 2021

If you take a look inside the modern man’s bathroom cabinet, you’ll probably find enough products to moisturize a small army. Vain creatures, these 21st-century chaps. But while most are happy to sort out their skin, shaving and scent routines to a religious degree, there is a whole category of grooming that’s often overlooked: hair care, and more specifically, devoting time to finding the best shampoo for men.

It’s not surprising. Beyond what pomade helps coif the perfect quiff, there’s so little information available, making it frustrating to even attempt to look for the right men’s shampoo. What was wrong with your 14-year-old self’s 2-in-1 body and hair wash? A lot, unless looking like a greasy teenager is what you want (note: you don’t).

In reality, you should pick products suited to your hair, just like you’d pick the right tie knot for your collar. While we could dive into

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Behind The Wheel: The Range Rover Evoque

At one point in time you bought an SUV if you needed one. A family, a dog, bicycles, armageddon. They were all reasons to trade in for extra boot space and on road dominance. The ability to look down on other drivers alone made up for the Action Man styling and poor fuel consumption. Those things didn’t matter though. You had a big tall car. You were basically Arnie.

But somewhere along the line, SUVs became properly, genuinely desirable. All of a sudden they were refined things, with couch-like leather seats you could sink into, and sleek exteriors you actually wanted to look at. You can thank Range Rover, and specifically the Evoque for that. The new 2019 model takes things further, subtly tweaking the design and adding a host of new features that ensure it’s more than just a pretty face.

What Is It?

The Evoque places equal importance

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Vince Staples Fronts New Campaign for Beats x Union Los Angeles – Fashion

3 hours ago

Vince Staples stars in a new collaboration between Beats and the iconic streetwear store Union. The partnership celebrates the store’s 30th anniversary, founded by Chris and Beth Gibbs in Los Angeles. Inspired by the Pan-African flag, the limited-edition Beats Studio Buds feature a red, black and green colorway, which also serves as a tribute to Union’s legacy as a Black-owned business. The case for the headphones is emblazoned with the store’s frontman logo. A longtime friend of the store, Staples appeared in a brief campaign film called “Home Sweet Home,” where he tries out Studio Buds…
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