The ‘Aussie Rapunzel’ with hair a METRE long shares her nightly routine that stimulates growth

The ‘Aussie Rapunzel’ with hair a METRE long shares her nightly oil routine that stimulates growth – and exactly how she washes it to prevent breakage

  • Model dubbed ‘Aussie Rapunzel’ has shared the nightly routine she swears by
  • She starts with rosemary oil before using a scalp massager to stimulate growth
  • Then she pops her hair in a loose bun and ties a silk turban around it
  • This prevents overall breakage while she sleeps and stops knots from forming 

A young model who has grown her luscious locks a staggering one-metre long has revealed her nightly routine that helps stimulate growth.

The 23-year-old from Sydney, who calls herself ‘The Aussie Rapunzel’, starts by applying rosemary oil to her scalp before using the Rapunzel Rescue Scalp Massager to

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Belameres client gets three fairy dust treatments to heal her acne

How to heal your skin after the pill: Young woman who broke out severely transforms her skin with just THREE ‘fairy dust’ treatments

  • Carina Gross is a talented ‘skin fairy’ working in the Sydney suburb Double Bay 
  • The facialist believes vitamin A esters instead of vitamin A acids are best for skin
  • Her client Morgan came to her in March looking for help after coming off pill
  • With three ‘fairy dust’ treatments Morgan’s face is almost back to normal

A young woman struggling with her skin after coming off the contraceptive pill has healed her painful skin lesions with just three ‘fairy dust’ treatments at an exclusive salon in Sydney.

Morgan turned to skin specialist Carina Gross from Belameres to help clear up unwanted acne and pigmentation

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Microsoft updates the Surface Laptop Go 2: Better processor, new colours

Microsoft is updating its Surface Notebook Go selection with a zippier Intel Main i5 processor and a new assortment of colors.

It really is very a lot a presented that Microsoft – together with the rest of the Computer producing field – will launch frequent updates to product or service strains that largely focus on the up-to-date processors in just.

For the Surface Laptop Go 2, that’s certainly the story relative to its predecessor, the unique Surface Laptop computer Go.

The Area Notebook Go 2’s sort factor is mainly identical to the original, being a smaller and critically much more inexpensive version of the more substantial Surface area Notebook.

Picture not described

Microsoft will not go in for obscure naming conventions, for the reason that the Surface Laptop Go – as distinct from, say the Surface area Pro or Surface Go – is not a pill with optional keyboard, but instead a total

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9 Of The Best Deodorant For Balls To Make Your Day More Bearable (2022 Edition)

As a man, it’s likely that you’ve experienced sweating or discomfort in your testicular area at least a handful of times in your life.

If evolution was kinder, our testes would sit neatly inside our bodies, but as you well know, that’s not the case. Balls dangle down between the legs vulnerable as ever and are usually covered in insulated clothing.

When the weather is warm or you’re constantly on the go, your testes inevitably get hot, sweaty, and irritable. That’s where deodorant for balls comes in. For fellas looking to keep their bags (and their contents) fresh, deodorant for balls helps to fight odors and bacteria and ensure the area stays dry free from pain, itchiness, or irritation.

It’s true that there are many of these magic testicular elixirs out there to buy—but knowing which ones to trust or will work for you can seem like a minefield (we

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Australian hair stylist reveals what not to do at the hairdresser and her biggest client pet peeves

Confessions of a hairdresser: Stylist spills the things she can’t STAND about clients – from lifting their head up at the bowl to know-it-all attitudes

  • An award-winning hairdresser has revealed her biggest customer pet peeves 
  • Amanda Lunedei has been a hair stylist and colourist in Melbourne for 14 years
  • She said the worst type of customer is someone who thinks they know better
  • As well as people who touch their hair too much and always leave for cigarettes 

A top Australian hairdresser has revealed the most frustrating things clients do while in the chair at the solon including being too controlling, leaving for cigarettes and touching their hair too much. 

 Amanda Lunedei, 31, who has been working at a hairdresser and colourist for 14 years, said while

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Dad Sandals You’ll Want to Buy This Summer

Lynn Imbier

This yr, place aside whichever lingering resentment you might have for your dad’s questionable manner options. I’m speaking about the father sandals. You know what I imply: those people Tevas that glimpse like they’re from a bygone era when superior university youngsters however wore JNCOs and listened to Limp Bizkit. The sandals that say, “Come on guys…I’m gonna be swimming later.” The sandals that make you cringe anytime you see them on your ft as you walk down the road.

Are father sandals even now in?

This summer months, it is time to embrace these seemingly-not comfortable foot prisons not only in spite of their awkwardness—but because of it. Certainly, good friends: This year is all about the dad sandal comeuppance. Permit me reveal why:

The straps are excellent for securing toes with a broader width.

These sandals are fantastic for broad ft. The straps are adjustable and can be

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