54 Jobs For Creatively Minded People

Some people are just not meant to sit in a cubicle and crunch numbers. If you happen to be more of a creative type, then take a look at the four career opportunities outlined below that may be a perfect fit for you.

Fashion Industry

There are many careers in the fashion industry that are well suited to people of artistic creativity. For example, a wardrobe stylist Houston TX not only picks out clothes for clients, but he or she could also design advertisement campaigns for brands. Marketing for fashion brands is also a great way to explore and design thematic concepts for brands in magazines and editorials.


If you have an artistic eye, then consider becoming a florist to exercise your creativity. Florists build the most beautiful bouquets, arrangements, and planters through the use of different color combinations. When you become successful at smaller arrangements, you may be able to branch into bigger jobs, like weddings and parties, to further your florist career.

Art Curator

Historians at heart may find a great career as an art curator, either at a museum or an art gallery. Not only will you get to select the pieces to showcase, you will also get to arrange and design the exhibits to your creative heart’s desire.

Freelance Writer

Although many people see creativity as a visual part of art, words can inspire just as much creatively. In today’s world, work that you can accomplish at a laptop is a very alluring prospect, so freelance writing is a great option for those who love to write. Articles, reviews, poetry, captions, and catchphrases are just a few things you could offer to potential editors as a freelance writer.

If office work is not for you, then use your creative brain to think of a career you will flourish in.