March 26, 2023

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6 Ways to Incorporate Wedding Flowers Into Your Wedding Photography in Melbourne

From table arrangements to wedding bouquets and petals down the aisle, couples spend a lot on wedding flowers. Flowers add extra colour and texture to your big day and set the right mood for the celebration with their elegance and style. With some expert tips from experienced wedding photographers in Melbourne, you can use florals to enhance the beauty of your wedding photos and create lasting memories. From choosing the perfect blooms to positioning them for maximum impact, these six tips will ensure that your wedding photos stand out from the rest. 

  1. Get a Floral Arch: 

Adding a floral arch is a wonderful way to create an elegant backdrop that can be used during the ceremony and then later for beautiful photos of the happy couple. A floral arch can be created in many different styles and sizes, using any types of flowers that you prefer. It can even be used as a unique prop that will stand out in your wedding videography in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for something that’s grand and romantic or something that’s simple and sweet, having a floral arch can add an extra layer of beauty to your special day.

  1. Use a Floral Chandelier:

A floral chandelier can be hung above the dance floor or as part of the ceremony decor to create an enchanting atmosphere and stunning visuals. Whether you choose cascading, blossoming or garland-style chandeliers, they can be easily incorporated into your wedding photography in Melbourne to capture the beauty of the day and make your wedding photos look stunning. You can even have the chandelier lit with LED lights to add an extra touch of sparkle to your photos.

  1. Create a Flower Wall:

An attractive and creative way to incorporate wedding florals into your wedding photography in Melbourne is to create a flower wall. A flower wall is a beautiful and eye-catching piece of floral decor that will make a great backdrop for photographs or can be used as a ceremony arch or altar. With the help of a professional wedding florist, you can create a custom flower wall that is tailored to your style and colour palette. You can also enhance your flower wall with decorations such as candles, strings of lights, and other decorations to give it a romantic and personalised touch. 

  1. Incorporate Flowers Into Your Centrepieces:

Floral centrepieces can be a great way to add a touch of beauty and romance to your photos. For an extra special touch, you can add fresh flowers to the tables and chairs around the venue. From vases of roses to delicate bouquets, incorporating flowers into your centrepieces will bring a unique elegance to your photographs.

  1. Design a Flower Crown Bar:

Adding a flower crown bar to your wedding is a great way to add a special touch to your celebration. It will create a magical moment and make your guests feel special. Wedding videography in Melbourne can capture all the beautiful moments when your guests are customising their own flower crowns. Set up a table or area where you can display beautiful flowers and greenery that your guests can choose from. Allow them to create their own flower crowns with the materials available. This will encourage everyone to get creative and enjoy the experience of making something unique for themselves. Have a couple of assistants who can help guide guests on how to construct the perfect flower crown. Your wedding videography in Melbourne will be able to film every single moment. 

  1. Make a Flower Bouquet Toss:

A wedding bouquet toss is an age-old tradition that adds an exciting, fun-filled element to your wedding celebration. What better way to incorporate the beauty of florals into your wedding photography in Melbourne than with a flower bouquet toss? To execute this timeless tradition, gather all the single ladies and line them up near the dance floor or in a designated area. As the DJ plays music, the bride will throw her bouquet behind her back, and the woman who catches it will be considered the next one to get married. When it comes to the bouquet, you can either make it yourself or order one from a local florist. Once you’ve prepared your bouquet, it’s time to toss it! Make sure your wedding photographer is ready to capture all the excitement of the moment as the bouquet is thrown and caught by the lucky lady!