Apartment 202 Carving Out a Space

Contemporary women’s dress in manufacturer Apartment 202 is carving out a niche with its eye-catching pieces. Established by Miami native Brandee Godwin, who goes by BB professionally, the manufacturer bought its name from the designer’s to start with apartment in Los Angeles, which doubled as a style and design studio. BB gathers inspiration from inside style and design and gives delicate hints in just pieces that reflect her personalized design and style, like oversized bottoms and risqué tops. “The goal is to construct staple pieces that transcend time,” said BB. Bestsellers involve the “Virgo” major — pentagon armor reduce with a strappy again priced at $a hundred and ten — and the “Gilda trousers,” featuring a calm boy reduce, oversized paper-bag pockets and double-band waistline priced at $375. New releases involve the dreamers selection and Mermaid lagoon. A staple upcoming piece is a crystal T-shirt overlaid with the “Virgo” major.

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