March 22, 2023

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Best Jewelry Organizer in 2022

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A brown box filled with jewelries

A brown box filled with jewelries

Tired of untangling your favorite necklaces every time you wear them? You can avoid this by organizing each jewelry item separately. This will take up a lot of space, though, unless you invest in an organizer specifically designed for keeping all your treasures orderly. Jewelry organizers promote order, keeping items from becoming intertwined. These are a must-have item for your vanity, especially if you have lots of jewelry you like wearing often.

Using a jewelry box or cabinet keeps your precious trinkets safe and makes them easily accessible. This way, you always know what items you have on hand and can wear different earrings and rings every day. Below, you will find some of our top picks for jewelry organizers of 2022 and their reviews. And, you can use our guide for finding the most practical organizer for your gems and jewels.

Top Picks

Best overall: Songmics jewelry organizer

Other cheap full-screen mirrored door is easy to be distorted after a few weeks and attach fingerprints every time used

Other cheap full-screen mirrored door is easy to be distorted after a few weeks and attach fingerprints every time used

This option, from Songmics, is a wall and door mount cabinet for storing precious items as well as beauty products. This product comes with EVA pads that you can attach to the back, protecting the door from scratches. Made of engineered wood, this full-length cabinet provides maximum storage capacity for all your items. And, the cabinet’s inside is lined with velvet for protecting trinkets and ornaments. With a key and lock closure type, you can keep all your accessories safe from roommates or children. Plus, this cabinet features multiple slots and sections for different accessories. It has separate slots for rings and earrings, necklace hooks, a bracelet rod, and stud earring holes. Thanks to its all-in-one design, with ample storage space, and a full-length mirror, this product is the premiere option on our list.

Key Features:

  • Two in one full-length storage cabinet with a glass mirror

  • Five shelves, two drawers, and multiple slots and hooks for different items

  • Six automatic LED lights

  • Available in six elegant colors

Most stylish: Umbra jewelry organizer

No need to remove all your necklaces from a single hook just to get to the one you want to wear

No need to remove all your necklaces from a single hook just to get to the one you want to wear

This next pick is from Umbra, it’s a sleek and stylish tiered-model stand. Featuring three or five tiers and an integrated trinket dish, you can use this stylish product for tastefully exhibiting your precious items. This freestanding tabletop display offers a compact and space-saving design and comes in various modern colors and finishes. And, you can use it as a décor item in your living room if it matches your interior. Plus, with its scratch-resistant padded base, you can display it on any surface without worrying about damage. This option also has metal bars positioned at different heights, so you can display necklaces of varying lengths without worrying about them tangling.

Key Features:

  • Three or five-tier display stand with integrated trinket dish

  • Tabletop display with a padded base

  • 19-inch height for displaying necklaces of various lengths

  • Available in 10 modern color combinations

Great value: BB Brotrade jewelry organizer

No need to take the jewelry out for selection; it's clear enough that you can easily look and guess through it

No need to take the jewelry out for selection; it’s clear enough that you can easily look and guess through it

The BB Brotrade organizer is a lightweight and portable hanging model. Made of non-woven fabric, you can use its hanger in your wardrobe, behind a door, on a wall, or on a clothing rail display. It does not take up much space but it can store multiple trinkets. And, this product features 40 pockets on each side (80 pockets total). You can use these little sections for storing different items separately, preventing them from tangling. Plus, with its transparent Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, window, you can see every item clearly, keeping everything accessible and visible.

Key Features:

  • Hanging organizer is made of non-woven fabric

  • 360 degree swivel heavy duty aluminum hanger

  • 80 clear vinyl pockets on the front and back

  • Available in seven sophisticated colors

Great capacity: Voova jewelry organizer

Constructed with a wooden frame, sturdy and durable to stand heavy jewelry cosmetic

Constructed with a wooden frame, sturdy and durable to stand heavy jewelry cosmetic

This next option, from Voova, is an organizer with a classic-looking box for storing all your jewels and gems in one place. This functional storage box is made with a sturdy material, protecting your precious items from damage. And, the inside is lined with soft suede, preserving the shine of all your stylish accessories. Plus, you get maximum storage space with this product because of its removable compartments and stackable layers. Place the grids in a layout of your choosing and put all your lovely items inside. This box is perfect for storing different kinds of items because it features a separate section for each kind. You get hooks for necklaces in the lid, ring rolls, an earring plate with an underneath slot, and various divided compartments for rings, studs, brooches, or watches.

Key Features:

  • Wood and PU leather box with a suede inner material

  • One-handed easy opening and closing clasp

  • Large capacity with trays, grids, hooks, and plates

  • Available in seven eye-pleasing colors

Most accessible: Weiai jewelry organizer

You can rearrange the drawers according to your needs

You can rearrange the drawers according to your needs

The pick by Weiai is an acrylic storage box for showcasing all your treasured possessions. This rectangular box features three drawers for storing different items separately. The first two drawers have compartments, but the last one doesn’t, allowing you to store bigger pieces. And, you can rearrange the drawers according to your needs. Since all the drawers are lined with soft velvet, they won’t damage your items’ shine, keeping your bling alive and vibrant.

Key Features:

  • Clear acrylic box with velvet lining

  • Three drawers with handles

  • Varying compartments and slots in each drawer

  • Available in two basic colors

A buying guide to the ultimate jewelry organizers

Enthusiasts usually possess large collections of trinkets and ornaments. You need to store these prized possessions properly to preserve their value as well as vibrancy. Boxes, bags, or cabinets can be an excellent way of storing these precious items without tarnishing them. Read this buying guide to find the perfect solution for storing these delicate valuables.

Factors to keep in mind

Keep these factors in mind when trying to find the right organizer for your items:


The first thing to consider when buying an organizer is its capacity. If you like collecting these kinds of accessories, and have a habit of purchasing new items, your collection will grow over time. So, make sure you invest in a spacious box or bag for storing future purchases. You should invest in a box or container with multiple compartments, slots, and sections.


The primary purpose of a jewelry organizer is to keep your items safe. You should invest in a high-quality product to prevent valuables from getting damaged or tarnished. Most jewelry boxes and cabinets have a plush, suede, or velvet lining, preventing moisture from getting trapped inside. Getting a cheaply made organizer may save you money, but it won’t provide the level of protection required for maintaining your precious items.

Material and durability

These kinds of storage boxes and containers are made with various materials, including wood, plastic, glass, and clay. Each material offers a different level of durability. You should get the one that offers maximum durability while still keeping your intended use in mind. For instance, if you only need to store items, you can compromise on the container’s aesthetics. But if you want to display your items, you should invest in a durable as well as an attractive organizer.


Not all storage boxes come with locks. Whether you need one with a lock or not depends on your preferences. If you live in a shared space and want to keep your possessions safe, you should invest in an organizer with a lock. Similarly, getting a box with a lock is a good idea if you have children.


While aesthetics are not an essential factor for buying organizers, they can be in some cases. If you are a proud owner and want to display items for everyone to see, you may want an aesthetically pleasing display. Instead of getting a big bulky box, you may want to invest in a delicate and décor-friendly organizer for your trinkets.

Types of jewelry organizers

You can find a variety of organizers online and in stores. Some popular types of organizers are mentioned below:

Hanging organizer

A hanging organizer is a suitable option if you are on a budget. These are practical items without any extra grandeur or embellishments. Their clear plastic pockets are ideal for keeping everything visible, so you can easily find a favorite pair of earrings. And, with every item having its dedicated section, you can keep your items safe from tangling and scratches.

Over the door organizer

As the name suggests, this organizer is attached to a door with hooks. These come in various styles, and some may include mirrors. These products are perfect for smaller rooms and dorms with their space-saving design. And, you can use the different sections and compartments for storing all your various items separately.

Travel organizer

Travel organizers are primarily used for storing pieces while traveling, but if you are not a hoarder or an absolute fanatic, you can also use them as primary storage. You can find different styles in travel organizers too. Some may have compartments in boxes, while others offer a pick and roll design. These are usually lightweight and won’t take up a lot of space.


Standing organizers, or armories, are an excellent solution for people with extensive collections. These armories have ample space for every item, including hooks, slots, compartments, drawers, and shelves. Most armories also have a full-length mirror, making them the perfect spot to get ready for the day.


Always a classic choice, the most popular organizers are boxes. You can find storage boxes of all shapes, sizes, and materials. More traditional musical boxes are still a popular gift among girls. These days, you can find antique, modern, or customized boxes for all your needs.

What are jewelry organizers made of?

These kinds of organizers are made with a variety of materials. Some common materials are as follows:


These organizers are made with high-quality polyurethane (PU) leather. This type of organizer is sturdy and sophisticated. You can find them in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Some leather organizers come with compartments, trays, and slots, while others do not. These products are usually lined with plush material, keeping precious trinkets safe from scratches and wear.


Wood is the sturdiest material found in organizers. It’s used for making storage boxes as well as armoires. Wooden armories have multiple compartments and drawers made with high-quality wood, keeping your precious items safe. And you may find plush lining for preventing trinkets from tarnishing inside the drawers.


Fabric organizers are also found in different styles. You can find them in the form of hanging organizers, bags, or boxes. These organizers are not as sturdy as wooden versions. However, these are lightweight and extremely portable. They also take a lot less space than other organizers.


Plastic jewelry boxes are becoming more popular every day. These are usually inexpensive and lower quality, but you can also find models made with high-quality plastic. The premium versions come lined with plush material, providing additional protection to your items.

How to clean jewelry organizers

Storing your valuables in an organizer is not enough to keep them fully protected. You need to clean your organizers regularly to extend their lifespan and keep your items safe.

Follow these steps to clean a lined organizer:

  • Remove all items from the organizer, empty it

  • Organize your valuables in an open space, grouping them into categories

  • Use a warm wet cloth to clean the case

  • Remove dirt, dust, or hair from the case using a damp cloth

  • Use a specially formulated mild cleaning product to remove any stains from the lining

  • Repeat the process if the organizer is dirty after cleaning once

  • Spray an air freshener inside to make it smell fresh

  • Let it completely dry and place all your items back inside

People also asked

Q: What goes inside a jewelry organizer?

A: You can use an organizer according to your needs. If you have an extensive collection, you can use it to store all of your items in separate sections. However, if you don’t have a ton of items, you can also keep watches in these organizers.

Q: What makes jewelry organizers anti-tarnish?

A: A high-quality organizer is usually lined with plush material, like suede, felt or velvet. These materials are ideal for absorbing excess moisture and preventing items from tarnishing. And, you can store different items separately in the felt pouches of a lined organizer for additional protection.

Q: Can I store my gold jewelry in a jewelry organizer?

A: You can store gold items in an organizer, but make sure you hold each item separately in different compartments. Since gold is expensive, it’s better to invest in an organizer with a lock, keeping it safe and secure.