Building Your Entertainment Career

The entertainment industry is a popular place to be. Working in this trade will give you certain credentials and respect not found in other areas. To build a successful career though, you will need to understand a few things first. It can start rough, and you should be prepared for tough competition. Here are four principles to apply when building your career.



Attending and graduating college with some form of an education credential is key if you want to succeed. Once you have finished, continue looking for ways you can learn more and train in new areas. You may not spend your entire career in the same position. Heather Parry started as a field producer, working her way up to executive producer.


Even when it seems as though everyone is against you, remember why you chose this profession. You have to learn to shake off the doubters and mockers. You determine your destiny. If you give in to the negative peer pressure, you will only be ruining your own potential. Believe in yourself and realize anything is possible.


Success takes a lot of work, time, and energy. You probably will not become a new star overnight. You will need to be patient to see your results. Working on projects may seem overwhelming at times but know there is a satisfaction to be felt when the job is done.


Plan where you want your future to go. Don’t aimlessly wander around from job to job, wondering when your next big break will be. Set goals for yourself and work towards them. Sometimes unexpected set-back will occur but stick with your strategy and re-evaluate what you need to do.

Entertainment seems like a wonderful place to be. Although you will face challenges and experience ups and downs, remember the fun and happiness this industry can bring you if you persevere.