Caring For Sterling Silver Filigree Jewelry


Filigree jewelry can look a little fragile, but it is not! It is actually a tough and long-lasting type of jewelry, being made from silver (which is long lasting), and welded together using melted silver. Silver filigree will remain in great shape for many, many years, to be handed down over generations.

The following are some ways to keep your silver filigree jewelry in great shape:

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals, even during house work. Silver will tarnish when exposed to certain chemicals. Although this can usually be easily fixed, it’s better to keep on the safe side!
  • Wearing you silver filigree jewelry while using soap will cause a buildup of residue. While no harm is done, this you will have to clean up your jewelry more frequently.
  • Take off all your jewelry when putting on make up. Wash your hands after finishing with your make up. Chemicals in make up can stain sterling silver.
  • Perfumes are another danger – sterling silver and perfumes do not mix. As with make-up,always wash your hands after applying perfume and before putting on your jewelry.
  • Filigree jewelry is durable, but this does not mean that they can be worn while doing intensive manual work. Keep your rings off while washing plates (also due to chemicals) and gardening! Be especially careful with rings, bracelets, and other items wrn on hands.
  • When swimming in the sea, take off your silver! Salt water can damage sterling silver, and so can chlorinated water (pools).
  • Avoid contact with rubber! Rubber is very harmful for sterling silver. Just keep them away from each other.
  • Storage is an important aspect of jewelry care. Keep your treasures away from direct sunlight. Separate different pieces using,cotton or cloth, and if possible store in an airtight container.

Do note that all these measures are both prevent damage and offset tarnishing. Tarnish is not damaging to jewelry, and can be removed easily. Sometimes it can even make silver look better! But be careful not to leave it on forever. Frequent cleaning is good! Just don’t make it too frequent. A balance of twice a year (or when you feel they’ve lost their shine) is a good start. Whatever you do, make sure that your precious silver pieces do not get damaged by force or by chemicals.

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