Choosing the Best Business to Business eCommerce Business Platform

Lynn Imbier

B2b ecommerce platform is a complete software solution that helps a company to sell various products or services to various other companies via an online portal. Over the years, the global business-to-business eCommerce scene has seen tremendous growth in terms of profit margins and in customer base.

Customized eCommerce solutions

With time, customized eCommerce solutions are getting more popular amongst business owners. One such customized solution is the B2B eCommerce platform. B2B stands for “Business to Business”, and hence this particular solution caters to only those organizations that need to conduct their B2B segment on a global scale. Companies engaged in manufacturing or commercial activities like distribution or management of the supply chain have a definite requirement to access a particular business platform to interact with their respective customers, manage their inventory, generate reports, etc. With the help of a B2B eCommerce platform, such companies can fulfill their business case in a smooth and streamlined manner. This also ensures that the time taken to finalize the business case or implement the same would be minimized, thereby enhancing the overall performance and profitability of the company.


The first step in choosing a B2B eCommerce platform is to look out for a customized platform that can meet your business requirements. Several companies provide B2B eCommerce solutions, which come with a host of features including storefronts for displaying products and details of a particular product line, catalogs for presenting product catalogs, order processing features, supplier database management, and payment gateway functionality among others. While selecting a B2B platform, look out for the following key features:

Find one that meets your unique requirements

The next thing to consider while shopping for a platform is to find one that meets your unique requirements. If you are a small enterprise with limited employee strength and resources, you may not need to pay a lot of attention to the details of your unique requirements. However, if you have extensive resources and want to integrate several modules into your online store, it is advisable to opt for a platform that has extensive database support and user experience customization options. For instance, if you intend to use the platform for managing customer orders and related information, you may want to look out for a host of user experience options like roll booking, inventory tracking, shipping calculators, and detailed order history among others.

Fully integrated B2B eCommerce business platform

Depending upon your unique requirements, you can either purchase a fully integrated B2B eCommerce business platform from a third-party provider or you can opt for a hosted solution. For smaller enterprises, it makes more sense to opt for a hosted platform as it will allow you to cut down on management costs. On the other hand, for midsize and larger organizations, it makes more sense to opt for a flexible and customized solution hosted within your own data center. However, it must be mentioned that while a hosted solution offers flexibility and control, it may be lacking in terms of reliability and security.

Extensive support for mobile devices

You need to opt for a platform that has extensive support for mobile devices. Mobile optimization is one of the essential factors that ensure a successful online business. A mobile-optimized platform needs to provide several convenient ways to access your website from various devices including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and netbooks among others. Furthermore, it should also allow users to share content and collaborate with others via various communication platforms like email, social networking sites, etc. Also, in case of difficulty in connection, users can reschedule their access to the website without hassle. Business-to-business eCommerce platform thus plays a key role in ensuring a successful online business.

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