March 23, 2023

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Claire King shares Emmerdale behind-the-scenes secrets including wine at lunch and fake village

She’s part of the furniture as matriarch Kim Tate in The Dales having appeared on Emmerdale on and off for over 20 years.

So who better to spill some behind-the-scenes secrets about the inside workings of the soap than Claire King.

Speaking to OK! for our exclusive shoot to celebrate her 60th birthday, the soap Queen told us all about doing her own hair and make-up for the show, the purpose built Emmerdale village and why they sometimes film the second part of a scene weeks later.

“We still have to do our own hair and make-up, because of the pandemic,” she said in our exclusive video.

“Don’t say anything negative about my hair and make-up because I have to do it at six o’clock in the morning!”

Claire spilled some Emmerdale secrets

The Emmerdale set is a purpose built village

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When speaking about the set, Claire revealed the village we see on our screens isn’t one you can expect to find on Google Maps.

“It is actually a village, but it was purpose built for Emmerdale,” she explained.

“It’s all proper dry stone walling and even the chimneys have smoke that comes out of them, but it’s all fake.

“We have the make-up rooms and the dressing rooms in the interiors. You’ve got the outside of The Woolpack in the village and then the interior is in Leeds in the studio.

The interiors are filmed in a studio

“You can actually walk in one day [from] outside into The Woolpack on set and then probably two or three weeks later you will be coming through the door in continuity costume, hair, make-up, to do the scene in the interior. All shot out of sequence.”

Claire also spilled on boozy lunch breaks in between scenes back in the old days of filming.

She confessed: “Richard Thorp [late actor who played Alan Turner] and I used to, this was in the good old days, you wouldn’t dream of doing it now with health and safety, we would be filming in Esholt (the real Yorkshire village where they used to film the show), the pub was a real pub, we’d book our lunch and actually order a bottle of wine for lunch and then go back on set in the afternoon.

Claire said it was the right time to return as Kim in 2018

Claire King talks about playing Kim Tate in Emmerdale, adding she loves the fact she speaks straight from the heart
Claire King has played Kim Tate in The Dales on and off for over 20 years

“Those were the days,” she giggled. “It’s unheard of now, but that’s what we used to do.”

The actress rejoined the show in 2018, after a 19 year break and explained she revived her character of Kim Tate because of “perfect timing.”

“The reason I wanted to return to Emmerdale probably was because I didn’t want to do anymore tours, touring around the country for months and months on end,” Claire said.

“It’s hard work and you don’t get to see your family or your partner, so when the opportunity came up to go back to Emmerdale it was just perfect timing.”

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