Classic Souvenir Scottish Jewellery Variety by Beautiful


One particular of the finest known vary of jewelry by Beautiful of Solihull was the Memento Scottish Jewelry variety.

The most well known piece of jewellery in this assortment have been the brooches that have been made around a pretty extended interval.

The combination of blessed white heather sprigs and/or purple flower thistles, all tied up with the Exquisite trade mark ribbon or bow was manufactured in many distinct styles.

All factors Scottish experienced turn out to be incredibly well-liked by Queen Victoria’s enthusiasm for her beloved estate Balmoral, and this popularity ongoing into the twentieth century

Exquisite made gilt jewellery from 1914,and just before transferring to Solihull in the fifties was previously generating souvenirs from their premises in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Several of these souvenir brooches have been bought in Scotland and were being broadly accessible in numerous compact memento retailers. From the variety in Birmingham and other spots – I think they have been also conveniently offered across the rest of the United kingdom.

So significantly I have counted at minimum a dozen diverse models of the Scottish brooch. A single source confirms that three brooches ended up registered in 1962. These brooches will have “Beautiful” and “REG” with the copy correct sign on the back again. The design numbers were 905225, 905226 and 905227.

However several of the brooches have “Beautiful” signed on the back of the brooch only without the need of a copy suitable mark
Some have Beautiful in script on a flatter plaque with no copy appropriate indication.
You can also locate brooches that are unsigned with a riveted pin fastening – denoting an a great deal earlier day most likely pre 1950s.

Early brooches are also various in that the pin is in a gilt or gold steel. Where as the later on brooches, the pin is the exact same colour as the brooch (silver) Also differences in the manufacturing procedures can be observed. Before brooches have been solid on a substantially flatter plate than afterwards brooches, which have a much more rounder and sharper form to the back again

A lot more investigate is however essential to confirm dating and reg quantities to layouts.

The brooches ended up all hand enamelled and so not only can quite a few diverse designs be gathered but every single will have a slight difference in colour. Some of the brooches have amethyst purple coloured faceted glass stones. All over again some of these stones are a quite pale pink ranging to dark purple in color

The brooches differ by the way the ribbon is wrapped all over them and the quantity of sprigs of lucky white heather. Brooches are also readily available in a basket layout, which are a bit rarer than the floral bunches.

When I am talking about the Scottish brooch range I am only referring to the types that are enamelled and have heather or thistles, with or with no purple glass stones in silver or gold tone metallic.

Beautiful also generated a array of Scottish themed jewelry very very similar to “Miracle” jewelry with faux stones this sort of as turquoise and agate which look fairly unique. These had been developed by Beautiful all through the late sixties to seventies when the increase in Miracle’s reputation commenced to effects on their product sales, and with the inexpensive imports into the United kingdom of jewelry. Finally mixed to the demise of their Exquisite assortment.

Classic jewelry from Beautiful is easy to collect and pretty rewarding, as they manufactured some beautiful and regular parts for over 60 years.

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