Clothing items that bigger girls shouldn’t wear

As much as we love to follow trends, not all trends suit all body types. In order for you to look fashionable you don’t necessarily have to be buying clothes of the latest trend. Instead you need to be aware of your own body and learn the best way to style it.

If you are able to select clothes that accentuate your better features and hide the ‘flawed’ areas of your body, you’ll look and feel more comfortable in your outfits.

Here’s a list of 9 trends that bigger girls should avoid.

  • Crop tops

Crop tops are really cute on slender girls but bigger girls with a bit of bulk on them should stay as far away from them as possible. Because crop tops reveal your bellies, it is better to leave them to the girls that have abs to show off. The idea behind a crop top is for you to boast your narrow waist. If you have rolls of fat or just one big tummy, you should avoid wearing crop tops.

  • Loose tops

As a big girl, you’ve probably thought of hiding yourself in loose or oversized clothing however you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors. All that excess fabric will only make you look bigger, you don’t want to highlight the amount of fabric that is on you.

Look for tops with a little bit of shape that are narrower right under the bust or at the waist and then extend outwards.

  • Hot Pants

Hot pants are a major NO for bulky women mostly because they cannot support all the fat that you may have on your butt and thighs. Hot pants are fitted around the buttocks and as a full-figured girl, your butt will look lumpy in hot pants making it highly unflattering. Additionally because hot pants are so short, they expose your thighs so unless you’re going to start working out your legs, don’t wear anything that short.

  • Mini skirts

Mini-skirts don’t have to be fitted like hot pants but they are still short. Because they are so short they’re going to look even tinier on your full-figured body. A mini-skirt on a chubby girl can end up looking really tacky.

  • Leggings as pants

No-one should be wearing leggings as pants unless they are worn with a tunic. Because leggings are made of thin fabric and are so tight, they will expose all the lumps in your legs and the exact shape of your buttocks too. Also, as a full-figured girl you’re going to have to stretch the fabric which makes it go see-through making it really obvious that you have forced it on.

  • Bodycon Dresses

The sole purpose of a bodycon dress is to show off your curves. They are meant to be extremely fitted allowing you to show off your rocking body. However, if you have lumps in all the wrong areas, the dress will expose all of that, which is precisely why you shouldn’t be in bodycon dresses and skirts.

  • Big prints

Prints add a dose of fun to an outfit but big prints have a way of making you look bigger. Optfor smaller prints if you have a heavier body and pair them with an item of solid color.

  • Bold colors in a one piece

Earlier there a rule that that bigger girls cannot wear bright colors but how much of neutral colors can a girl wear. As a big girl you can wear punchy colors but there’s a way of wearing them. Avoid dresses and jumpsuits that are of a single bold color. Where brighter colors on parts of your body that you like and use dark and neutral colors on parts of your body you want to conceal.

If you think you are top-heavy then wear light pastels or dark neutral tops. If your one of those with too much junk in the trunk, then wear pastels or neutral colors at the bottom and pair them with a bright colored top.

  • Horizontal stripes

As a chubby girl your focus should be to make the eye travel vertically. Horizontal stripes will make the eye do the exact opposite and emphasize your width which is why heavy girls should avoid them. Look sot vertical or even diagonal stripes will help you look leaner, you don’t want to draw attention to your width.

Girls are under the notion that you have to be a certain body shape in order to pull off the clothes that are in the market, this isn’t true. You need to accept your body shape and learn to dress accordingly. Heavy girls need to find clothes that they fit into comfortably, with colors that complement them and cuts that make them look leaner.