September 27, 2022

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Dove Cameron’s Iris Van Herpen Gown Gives a “Futuristic Take on the Gilded Age” at the 2022 Met Gala

Dove Cameron went bold for her debut on the Met Gala red carpet, wearing an otherworldly interpretation of gilded glamour.

The actress attended fashion’s biggest night in a skeletal Iris van Herpen gown paired with earrings by Brilliant Earth, rings by Marli and the Residency, heels by Le Silla, and a Roger Vivier bag. Cameron explained that since the Gilded Age “was all about using new technology and textiles to make grand fashion, grand design, and cutting-edge designs that no one had ever seen before, I think that Iris and I wanted to carry that same intention into tonight and have a modern and futuristic take on the Gilded Age.”

She also pointed out that, for her, the theme “is all about excess and new cutting-edge exploratory design. It’s the celebration of the furthest reaches of fashion and grandiose, larger than life sort of images and shapes. I think the look that Iris and I worked on definitely embodies all of that and more.” And while the entire gown was stunning, Cameron said her favorite detail had to be “the clavicle leading up to the neck. It reminds me of a spine, and I love how intricate and detailed it is. It’s something I’ve never seen before and definitely makes me feel feminine, divine, and very much like myself.”

By Alex Lyon.

Of course, while the Met Gala is totally focused on the over-the-top fashions, for the attendees, it’s also about getting yourself mentally and physically prepared to walk up that grand staircase. Cameron is no stranger to the red carpet, explaining that she usually prepares by using an LED face mask to “get that extra bit of glow” as she feels “like it brings blood to the surface, wakes up my skin, and helps other products sink in.” She continued, “But for my mental health, because carpets can make me quite anxious, I will stretch and do yoga, sit in silence, meditate, and even blast music and dance around. I definitely like to make an all-day event of getting ready for a carpet.” But when it came to the Met Gala, that routine got a little more extensive. “I definitely did extra skin care. I saw Joanna Vargas this morning, who I love,” she said. “I also do a lot of gua sha. I also feel like I’m more hydrated now than I’ve been in months. I think because it’s probably the biggest carpet in the world, there’s just been extra preparation and thinking about it a few weeks out rather than just a few days.”

By Alex Lyon.