Dyson V15 Detect review: It brings a laser to the party

Dyson has become the name in vacuums. It revolutionised the sector with its bagless vacuums, then once more with its cordless adhere vacuums. These boast these kinds of outstanding suction that Dyson has stopped generating corded vacuums completely, and are blazing forward on the cordless front. The latest is the […]

Dyson has become the name in vacuums. It revolutionised the sector with its bagless vacuums, then once more with its cordless adhere vacuums. These boast these kinds of outstanding suction that Dyson has stopped generating corded vacuums completely, and are blazing forward on the cordless front.

The latest is the V15 Detect, which strike the sector mid-2021. It most notably delivers a laser to the occasion. That’s appropriate, this infant has a laser to support reveal or else hard to see particles on challenging flooring. Having said that, chopping edge technological know-how is not low cost, with the V15 Detect starting at an eye-watering $1,399.

Dyson V15 Detect Structure

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

Dyson has generally experienced a little bit of aptitude in its layouts, with pops of colour and thoroughly clean lines. The V15 is no various, exhibiting off a awesome purple filter on the butt stop for the foundation design and a beautiful teal filter for the upgraded V15 Detect Absolute Extra. This can only be purchased at the Dyson site for $1,449.

The V15 Detect Absolute Extra also comes with a HEPA filter and absolutely free-standing Grab and Go Dok, which alone could be worth the added $50 if you can’t wall mount Dyson’s typical docking station. Having said that, it appears the Grab and Go Dok only has area to maintain the vacuum with adhere attachment, and a single added accessory. The place are you intended to put the other six odd attachments, you inquire? That is amongst you and God.

And which is a trouble total – your gorgeous, fancy new vacuum will go away you with a smattering of add-ons remaining all over the property, or stuffed into a cupboard or plastic bag, simply because it does not come with a suited organisation solution.

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

When the most important system design and style is nearly specifically the very same as the prior V10 and V11, it has a number of pleasant updates. There’s now a entire colour Liquid crystal display screen on the back of the filter, which exhibits you projected operate time. When this was launched in the V11, it now has a graph charting how much crud you’ve got sucked off your ground. And it’s helpfully categorised into 4 various particle measurements.

This aspect ends up a little bit a lot more novel than handy as it’s hard to see the screen though you manoeuvre the vacuum to truly, you know, vacuum. It also appears to be unattainable to reach full cleanliness, with the counter for the smallest particle dimensions (that of pollen) frequently climbing no issue how lengthy you suck the very same square inch of carpet. If you’re not watchful, this can guide to some existential questioning about the inescapable filth we reside in.


Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

The filter housing has been enhanced to present much better sound dampening. Helped alongside by automated efficiency switching, which balances suction and operate time according to how much particles is getting sucked up, the V15 operates substantially quieter than the V10. This is a significant offer for me, supplied I have suffered some insignificant hearing hurt from employing the V10 at entire blast in close quarters. Motor vehicle cleansing needs the utmost in sucking electricity, so accomplishing that with significantly less noise is great. The automated efficiency switching also functions very very well, albeit marginally delayed.

Upkeep is rather straightforward. Most components can be disassembled to some diploma for cleansing, the filter is washable instead than disposable, and the bagless design and style also does away with consumable fees.

The add-ons are wherever the V15 definitely shine. They’ve experienced a redesign to minimise servicing and strengthen efficiency, which include the star of the exhibit: the Laser Slim Fluffy head. Having said that, regardless of the relationship getting identical to the V7, V8, V10, and V11, you cannot acquire these add-ons individually. If you want to gain from the upgraded attachments you have to have to splash out for a total new vacuum. No spares allowed. And if you have been to crack a single? Well, I suppose you would have to have to test your luck with a guarantee substitution. The good news is, I have experienced fantastic encounters with Dyson consumer provider.

Almost everything is very well-crafted, and built to acquire a battering. Having said that, the V15 appears to have the very same weak spot prior designs experienced: a tiny lip of plastic on the most important system is all that stands amongst the bin and flexibility. Overzealous sliding can quickly result in this lip to snap, making it possible for the total bin to slide appropriate off all through emptying – as I regretably found with my V10. In buy to resolve the problem you have to have to substitute the whole system. Yup, every thing minus the bin, filter, and battery. It appears to be wildly wasteful, and a exceptional case in point of lousy design and style in a Dyson unit.

The V15 also has a little bit of heft to it at 3kg. The body weight is not significantly very well-balanced, getting really top large. This is not a trouble for able bodied persons, but might confirm hard for persons with mobility or power troubles – which include grip power for the trigger button. The body weight is also apparent though emptying the vacuum or employing it at a lot more odd or extended angles.

Overall performance

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

The Dyson adhere vacuums have been supplying satisfactory suck since the V6, and have strike actually wild concentrations since the V10. The efficiency of the V15 is not at all in issue – it’s a incredibly sucky machine that holds electricity no issue how entire the battery and bin are.

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

The bagless bin is emptied by pushing a latch on the underside, which slides the whole bin forward. This will allow for a bigger potential than the old bottom-emptying design and style, and a rubber skirt that will help scrap particles out. Having said that, it can be a messy affair with hair finding caught or wonderful dust traveling into the air as the internal filter is uncovered though emptying. I often have to have to vacuum the ground promptly right after. The latch also sticks from time to time, requiring a little bit of wrestling to open up.

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

The a few powered cleansing heads on the V15 come to feel considerate and refined. The Significant Torque Cleaner head, intended for carpets, has an integrated comb to support minimise hair tangling all over the brush. Even with every day vacuuming of my ground with two lengthy-haired gals and a lengthy-haired dog for months I have not experienced any dreaded tangles on the brush bar. A wonder.

The Hair Screw instrument, which replaces the Mini Motorised instrument, has been precisely intended with a conical screw-formed brush bar to avert hair tangles. It is truthfully a minimal magical to observe hair basically fly into the bin. Hair is the enemy of vacuum servicing, and I’m grateful for these design and style alternatives.

Then there is that Laser Slim Fluffy head. A majestic environmentally friendly laser shines at just the appropriate angle to mild up even the tiniest bits of dust on challenging flooring. The results are multiplied tenfold in the dark, throwing you into your personal particular cleansing rave, but even all through daylight it’s astonishingly good at guiding you in direction of particles. It is equivalent components novel and helpful, and can be more than enough to switch your “brief vacuum” into a total property deep cleanse.

You’ve also bought your a lot more common add-ons, these kinds of as the crevice instrument and tender brush instrument, which have you included for nearly everything you want to vacuum. I do lament the exclusion of the extension instrument as it’s very handy for the car and leisure models – particularly supplied the bulk of the most important system. You can obtain a single for $29, but right after presently shelling out above a grand for a vacuum I really don’t definitely consider you must have to.

Dyson V15 Detect Battery

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

The V15 Detect lists sixty minutes of fade absolutely free electricity in Eco manner on challenging flooring, although I identified this to be a rather conservative estimate.

But let’s be truthful, who wants to vacuum for an hour? I appreciate vacuuming and which is also much even for me. I rather much solely use Vehicle, and have in no way operate out of juice vacuuming my carpeted two bedroom condominium, no issue how meticulous I’m getting.

That getting mentioned, if you have a bigger area or are anxious about the battery, just recall to pop it back on charge right after each individual use. Not getting able to vacuum when you want to is irritating and the Dyson V15 Detect usually takes all over four.five hours to go from to a hundred% charge.

I have also in no way operate the battery down vacuuming the car. The clever switching is a minimal delayed, but does a decent task at recognising changes in surface or quantity of particles getting picked up, and maximises your battery existence with satisfactory suction.

I have in no way identified I have wanted Strengthen, even cleansing dog hair out of the car. Vehicle does the task just wonderful. Here are approximate operate periods according to the estimates supplied on the machine. I identified these tended to be rather conservative:

  • Really hard ground/non-powered accessory: 40min (Vehicle), ten-50min (Strengthen), 70min (Eco)
  • Carpet/powered accessory: 25min (Vehicle), ten-15min (Strengthen), 45min (Eco)

Battery efficiency is also served alongside by the adhere variety factor, which lends by itself to brief, tiny cleans instead than a huge a single once in a blue moon, and click-in batteries which are straightforward to swap out if you opt for to operate spares.

Really should you acquire the Dyson V15 Detect?

  • Purchase it if you want a top performing vacuum, and you can find the money for it.
  • You should not acquire it if you have a ‘close more than enough is good enough’ mind-set to vacuuming.

Dyson provides some of the best adhere vacuums in the sector, and the V15 Detect is its best still. The V6 is truly the a single that modified the recreation for me, and reworked the chore of vacuuming into a joy (and dare I say, enthusiasm). The V15 has ongoing to innovate and build on that powerful foundation for a actually outstanding machine.

But there is no denying the price. This is not just a vacuum any longer – it’s a luxury merchandise. Almost everything about employing it (other than that breakable plastic stopper) is definitely magnificent, but not every person wants that from their vacuum. Which is certainly truthful more than enough.

Dyson V15 Detect review

Graphic: Angharad Yeo/Finder

Pricing and availability

How We Tested

The Dyson V15 Detect was put by way of its paces in a two bedroom condominium with small pile carpet, inhabited by two lengthy-haired persons, a huge lengthy-haired dog, and a cat.

Really hard flooring bundled the kitchen, toilet, and balcony (indeed I vacuum my balcony only God can choose me). It was also examined on a car and house surfaces, these kinds of as tables, TV’s, skirting boards, and the dust vents on gaming consoles.


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