Express Your Personality Through Clothes


There are many forms in which we can express our personality and some of these forms are: accessories, make-up and even clothes. It is true that we cannot determine how a person is really like just by looking at the clothing items he/she wears but we can definitely say something about the his/her lifestyle.

For instance, those that usually wear casual clothes might have a job that implies sitting at a desk for long hours. Also, it is clear that they don’t have any direct contact with the company’s clients or customers. When you don’t have any type of contact with clients and potential customers you can dress casually. Also, it is preferable to be comfortable when you are working because then you won’t have any type of distractions to deal with.

When we see someone dressed in a fancy costume (woman or man) we can clearly state that this person works in a company where the dress code is more up-tight. People that work in banks, for instance, are seen as the interface between the company and the clients therefore they have to be dressed accordingly. Wearing a suit, a white blouse and an elegant pair of shoes is one of their job requirements.

In some companies, large or small, there are several “office rules” that dictate the dress code. Among these rules, there is a special one called “Casual Friday”. Once a month, or even every week (on Fridays), employees can dress informal. They can come to work with the clothes they normally like to wear without upsetting the management. Psychologists have stated that people usually work better if they don’t have any constraints regarding the outfits, the working hours and so on. Therefore, from time to time employees enjoy dressing differently at the office.

There are people though that can express their personality no matter what outfits they choose to wear. For instance, with a small necklace, a scarf with a unique print, or a hat you can let people know what personality you really have. Of course, when it comes to our free time, there is absolutely nothing that we cannot wear. From hippy outfits, to leggings and boyfriend jeans there is no one that can tell us what is appropriate or not. Clothes can definitely help us express our personality in a fun and creative way. So, you should not hesitate to buy only the clothes that you like!

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