March 27, 2023

Women Fashion

Never be Caught

Fashion and style tips for women to feel and look good this summer | Fashion Trends

The only blues we are accepting this Monday are the ones that revive the joys of effortless summer dressing as it is that time of the year again when the world smells of mangoes and colourful flowers blossom all around, with the sunshine looking like powdered gold over everything it touches. Warm and gentle garments that are easy, effortless and classic with buoyant colours, luxe yet organic textures, bespoke patterns, timeless motifs, clean cuts and relaxed silhouettes are dominating our closet this season.

If you have your fashion finger firmly placed around the sartorial pulse, you can vouch for the unexpected revivals, Y2K fashion, gender-fluid style and a refreshing body-positivity approach that is influencing the post-pandemic fashion choices as Covid-19 lockdowns lift across the globe after two years of the coronavirus pandemic. While the fashion trends for 2021 showcased desperation for dressing up to do the most low-key tasks, 2022 adds practicality with fun back to dressing and style experts insist that on any given day, a functional and versatile closet is preferable while relaxed silhouettes and airy loungewear are expected to be popular again this season.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Purvi Rohit Pugalia, Co-Founder of Not So Pink, shared, “Fashion is now interestingly charged by dopamine – that is, the happy hormones. This has diverted the trend towards more bright colours like orange and pink, with a fit that is chic as well as comfortable. The biggest fashion takeaway should be led by heart and mind. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and bright automatically bring in a sense of joy to the wearer and should always have a place in the closet. Speaking of dopamine fashion – hot pink is something people should get on board with. Matching it up with denims or white ensembles add style as well as funk to the ensemble.”

She added, “Another trend people should hop on is the good ol’ boots. Boots, big and small, short and tall, have a panache to them and effortlessly add swag to the entire attire. Those looking for greater comfort can go for low heeled boots without compromising on the look. For those who grew up watching Julia Roberts, should be happy to know that mom jeans are back and as comfy as they are, pairing it up with a crop top and tie-up tops will make the wearer the most comfortable and elegant person in the room. The fashion trends are ever changing, but it is important to go for styles that make one happy, resonate with their creative personas and at the end of the day, ensure they are comfortable.”

According to Vinish, Director of Go Devil, summer is all about soaking in carefree energy and light fabrics, subdued flashes of skin and fun, celebratory hues are just a few of the trends. He suggested, “You can perhaps build yourself a carefree wardrobe with a few good pieces of oversized t-shirts, shorts, crop tops and casual dresses, as they are perfect for looking chic, getting out the door and enjoying the day. Beaming sunflower yellows, bold marigolds, warm mustards, and soft butterscotch hues are all the rage for summer—mix & match or pair with contrasting shades for full impact. Then a no-brainer for the summer season is, of course, the crop top. Crop tops, a perfect transition piece, have become regarded as a wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate outfits and lend that much-needed glam.”

Asserting that there is something simple and easy about wearing a short casual dress, he opined, “Maybe it is the freedom of movement, or maybe it’s just the fact that it doesn’t require any styling. All you need is to step into some trendy summer shoes, and off you go. Pair an oversized t-shirt with a wide-leg trouser or shorts—this silhouette is one of the most transitional styles to have in your assortment.”

Pooja M, Founder and CEO, PowerSutra, highlighted, “As more and more women are stepping ahead and manifesting their stronghold in the corporate world, it has become of utmost importance to understand that fashion is not all about sporting the trendiest outfits, but it’s about accentuating the best features of your body. With the changing times, the true definition of fashion has also been revolutionised. Now everyone desires to don clothes that not only wrap around their body but also reveal a lot about their personal style and personality.”

Pointing out that the concept of customisation and power dressing has been topping the chart and doing rounds in the fashion-forward society, she said, “One such trend that resonates with working women is customised pant-suit attire that makes them feel empowered in the way they carry themselves in a boardroom. Thus, everyone should understand their own unique style and embrace the power of comfort it brings alongside.”