Finder Earn | Get up to 6.01% p.a. return on your capital

Watch your capital grow daily.

You’ll earn up to 6.01% p.a. return on your capital, paid out once per day and compounded automatically.

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

No fees or foreign exchange risk.

There are no fees when using Finder Earn, whether you’re adding funds, converting, allocating or withdrawing capital. Convert your dollars or TAUD at an exchange rate of $1 AUD = 1 TAUD.

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

Earn with as little as $25.

You can get started with Finder Earn with as little as $25, or up to a current maximum balance of 100,000 TAUD (equivalent to $100,000 AUD).

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

Withdraw when you want.

Finder Earn lets you deposit, allocate and withdraw your capital and earnings at any time.

Multiple accounts in the Finder app

Start Earning in under 5 minutes.

Set up and allocate capital in Earn wallet with a couple of taps of your smartphone.

How does Finder Earn work?

In times of high inflation, it’s important that your capital is working hard for you. With no fees, daily payouts and no lock-up periods, Finder Earn is a convenient way to get a better return on your capital.

When you use Finder Earn, you convert your Australian dollars into TAUD stablecoins and these TAUD stablecoins are then lent to us. In exchange for lending us your capital (that is, your TAUD stablecoins), we pay you a fee of 4.01% p.a.

Finder Earn members with balances above 10,000 TAUD will get a 6.01% p.a. return on their entire Earn balance until 1 July 2022. This 6.01% p.a. is made up of 4.01% p.a. base rate and a 2% bonus rate. The bonus 2% p.a. will be paid out daily on Earn balances that hold 10,000 TAUD or more throughout the promotion period from 4 May 2022 until 11:00 am on Friday 1 July 2022.

The minimum deposit is $25 and the maximum balance you can hold is currently set to 100,000 TAUD. Once your Finder Earn balance reaches 100,000 TAUD, you will no longer be able to convert and transfer additional capital, but this does not limit the daily TAUD earnings that will be paid into your Finder Earn balance, and your earnings will continue to accrue and compound each day.

Finder Earn is not a banking product or a savings account, and we are not investing on your behalf or managing your capital. It is offered exclusively through the Finder app and powered by Finder Wallet Pty Ltd.

Finder Earn and TAUD

Finder Earn uses TrueAUD (TAUD), which is a unique type of cryptocurrency known as a “stablecoin”. Unlike other cryptocurrencies you might have heard of such as Bitcoin, stablecoins are rarely volatile, meaning they don’t often fluctuate in price.

This is because they are typically “pegged”, “backed” or “collateralised” against the corresponding currency or asset they aim to reflect, digitised in the blockchain ecosystem. However, stablecoins are not official currencies, nor are they endorsed or insured under any government guarantee program.

TAUD is issued by TrustToken, and every TrueAUD token is backed by a real Australian dollar that is securely held in escrow by TrustToken’s custody partners.

You can learn more about TAUD here.

What are the risks?

It’s important to understand that Finder Earn does not come without risk. When you lend us your capital, you transfer ownership of the TAUD stablecoins to us. If we become insolvent or subject to hacking or some other cybersecurity event, then you may incur partial or total loss of the capital. If we become insolvent, you will be an unsecured creditor in relation to your capital and any accrued returns.

Finder Earn reviews

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Frequently asked questions

If you want to know more about Finder Earn, you can check out our full FAQs here.

We have an exciting new product called Finder Earn. Please note that Finder Earn is not a banking product and involves lending cryptocurrency to Finder Wallet. Finder Wallet is not a bank. Terms and conditions apply. Crypto trading and Finder Earn products are made available in the Finder App, powered by Finder Wallet Pty Ltd, an AUSTRAC registered Digital Currency Exchange (DCE). Trading and holding cryptocurrency has a high level of risk. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class. You can incur losses. You should only trade cryptocurrency or related products if you fully understand, and agree to, the risks. We suggest you seek independent financial advice prior to accessing our services.

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