How To Choose The Best Value Diamond Engagement Ring

Do you know that choosing the right engagement ring ring can be difficult? There’s no such thing as just a one-size-fits-all diamond engagement ring. Each diamond is different and would fit into a different ring setting to its specifications. You’re going to be exchanging some serious money on something that you (or your future wife) are going to cherish for years to come. So make sure that you’re making the right choices when choosing engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings

For many years, diamond engagement rings were mainly limited to either white gold or Platinum. White gold tends to have a higher luster than Platinum but often displays yellower than Platinum. Platinum has been proven to be longer lasting than white-gold (although not for all diamonds), but it’s a lot more pricey. However, Platinum is the best metal for wedding rings due to its affordability and incredible shine.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile Jewelry offers many beautiful diamonds, but their most famous gemstone is the Blue Nile. The Blue Nile is a unique black diamond that displays a blue Nile-like flash in the diamond color range. Black diamonds tend to stay true to their original shade or do very little to change their tint. The brilliance of the blue line is truly unique. It manages to sparkle with a deep blue-black hue, making it an attractive choice for any ring design.


When choosing a diamond for your ring, the stone’s cut is one of the single most important factors in determining the quality and brilliance of the gemstone. Diamonds come in two different cuts: brilliant and step cut. A brilliant-cut diamond has a good deal of extra material at the stone’s base to increase its carat weight. Step-cut diamonds have smaller diamond pieces close together on one side of the band.

Diamond Shapes

With so many different diamond shapes available, it’s essential to know the difference between each shape. Round diamond shapes are usually a good investment because they reflect light in a similar way that other round shapes do but can come in various sizes. Square diamond shapes are the right choice for engagement rings because they have a more traditional shape. Princess cut diamond shapes, which are virtually round, are also popular because of their exquisite cut.


Three-stone rings are the most popular styles, mainly because they can be set as either an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Three-stone rings have the advantage of being simple in design and can be accented by other diamond shapes and colors. Many three-stone rings also have a precious center diamond to bring even more sparkle to the stone.