How To Find And Buy Antique Jewelry Wholesale Jewelry


Vintage or antique jewelry is worth a lot of money in most cases and it can get really expensive trying to acquire a collection. Actually with a little research and effort you can find antique jewelry wholesale just like any other product if you are willing to invest a little time.

The majority of the population would probably tell you to look on eBay or other online auction sites but the fact of the matter is that these really aren’t good sources for finding antique jewelry wholesale because the sellers at the sites usually know the value of what they are offering up for sale. There are other ways to find vintage jewelry at or even below wholesale so let’s take a look.

One very easy no cost way of finding antique jewelry wholesale is checking your local paper for garage sales, estate sales, and even divorce sales. In a lot of cases these people may have items that they don’t know the value of and your chances of finding something are great. It is very possible for you to pick up items worth thousands just buy rummaging through sales like these on a weekend.

When you are trying to pick up jewelry in this way don’t study the items too hard, you don’t want to give the hint to the owner that it may be worth a lot of money. The best thing to do is kind of glance over the items. Don’t feel bad about getting a good deal or feel like you are taking advantage of someone. If it was truly important to them they would have taken the time to have the item appraised. If all they want for something you are looking at is a quarter, give it to them and get out of there before the look of surprise and joy on your face gives it away!

Looking for jewelry in this way is a lot of fun, almost like being on a treasure hunt. You never know what you will find on these weekend excursions. I have found very valuable items in this way. I once found a vintage cedar hope chest worth hundreds of dollars that I paid $30 for! You can also give eBay a try, just bear in mind there thousands and thousands of other people doing the same thing!

Try misspellings to lessen the competition and have a better chance at getting the jewelry you are looking for at the lowest price possible.

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