March 22, 2023

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How To Lift Your Sales With Corporate Gifting

Why Corporate Gifting is Important & How to Not Suck at It

There is not much available data that really dives into the science or strategy behind successful corporate gifting boxes. With conferences currently on hold for the foreseeable future and the budgets associated with those events in indeterminate state, businesses are left scrambling to fill the void in their engagement strategy.

How do you connect with customers without really connecting? It is a challenge almost every company is facing, yet even in this time of social distancing, we still have an opportunity to create personal connections in the real world by leveraging personalized gifts.

Sure, every person loves getting gifts, but on a professional level it is a different ballgame. Just as they react to personal presents, recipients are always excited to receive something specifically for them; however, in corporate gifting, the present itself is not at all the principal message, but rather a tangible asset that helps communicate it.

  • Book a meeting with gifting

Sales and marketing need to educate leads to recognize how your business provides the solution to their problem. While you can do this through digital content such as eBooks, webinars, live Q/A sessions, blog posts, nurturing emails, etc., these miss a physical interaction that reiterates the value proposition.

Getting a physical item in the hands of your lead creates a pattern interrupt of what they would expect to see from a company. There is not at all been an email, voicemail, or LinkedIn message that you can hold in your hands.

  • Gifting to retain clients or employees

When it comes to retaining or appreciating the hard work of an employee, you can get employee appreciation gifts. It is almost certain that retention strategies will go through a drastic change in the coming future. Standard retention efforts may include offering a discount after renewing a subscription, a congratulatory email for a 1-year commemoration, or maybe even a made-up reward where the company features their top 10 customer successes.

However, in terms of brand loyalty, these perks will not necessarily cut it. Particularly in rapidly evolving industries, the top reason why customers switch brands is simply feeling under-appreciated.

  • Connect the gift to the message or value you deliver

There is a reason that since the dawn of time, storytellers have used props to enhance their messages. According to the experts, we are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story. Stories provide a representation of a bigger picture. How are you telling the narrative of your brand?

Gifting with prospects can add to your possibilities of establishing a trusting relationship. You can consider getting company gift boxes with logos so that the recipients keep your product or service in mind whenever they see the gift item.

Each interaction with prospects, leads, and customers holds an intrinsic value to a business. With handshakes and face-to-face interactions temporarily gone, it is imperative that sales teams continue making personal connections.

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