How to Match Up the Colour of Your Mother of the Bride Dress With the Wedding


One thing people should put in mind when planning for the wedding is that, the mother of the bride is not supposed to match the bridesmaid but instead appear more different as well as the distinguished woman as she is. As a mother of the bride, you are supposed to know that what you wear on your daughter’s wedding is among the most crucial wardrobe decisions that you will make. Although the mother of the bride is supposed to appear as a distinguished member of the wedding party, she is not supposed to upstage the bride. Just as the bride herself when selecting her wedding dress, the mother of the bride should also consider formality of the wedding, the wedding colours, the season, as well as how her dress will appear in the photographs.

This page outlines briefly some of the tips that will guide you as a mother of the bride what to consider when choosing the colour for a dress to wear on the wedding day of your daughter.

• Ensure that your dress stays in the same colour family as that of your daughter’s wedding dress. Although your dress does not have to match that of your daughter, it is good to select a colour that goes with the colour of the dress your daughter will be wearing. For example, if your daughter’s wedding dress is lavender in colour, the eggplant will do well for you. By doing so, you will be associated with your daughter though you remain distinguished.

• Ensure that the colour of your dress complement that of the bridesmaid’s. For instance, select a shade of green in case your daughter is wearing pink and navy or any shade blue colour

• Focus on a classic colour when choosing a dress to wear on your daughter’s big day. Champagne colour is among the most popular colour that many women choose to wear on the wedding days of their daughters. The good thing about the champagne colour is that, it can flatter any type or tone of skin. Besides, this colour is most appropriate for all the seasons. It normally complements the ivory or white colours that the brides usually choose for their wedding dresses. In addition, the champagne colour is normally the ideal colour for all women and it helps you not to appear garish like one wearing white dress would.

• You can also select a secondary colour. If the wedding dress of your daughter is a combination of several colors, ensure that yours is not used by her.

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