March 20, 2023

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How To Style As A Guest In A Norwegian Wedding?

Any decent wedding guest will pay close attention to the dress code and attend dressed accordingly. Understanding the dress code is necessary before following it. We’re here with an easy-to-follow guide to the wedding guest dress rules that you’ll most frequently see on lace-adorned invitations, as well as what to do when a dress code isn’t specified. The dress codes range from black tie to casual. During this occasion to celebrate love, there is no time to worry. Here’s how to look good at your upcoming Norwegian wedding.

The Bunad – The traditional style!

The “Bunad,” or traditional clothing, is something that the Norwegians take great pride in. This folk costume originates in the national romanticism movement of the 19th century, which saw a rise in popularity for traditional folk attire. The Bunad is a highly pricey dress comparable to a tuxedo for men and a gala dress for women. Boys often receive it when they outgrow them, and girls typically receive it at their “confirmation” (around 15). In case you are wondering where you can get one, check out reviews in Norway and see which store has the positive reviews.

What and what not to wear

The typical “formal” attire is a mork dress. If so, you can wear a long or knee-length dress, skirt, or attractive jeans, readily available at Norwegian online stores. Not too cleavage, not too tight of a fit. If you’re going to church, cover your shoulders. Be as accessorized as you like, but keep the bride’s attention. Steer clear of the colors black, crimson, and white, which are reserved especially for the bride (which means you oppose the union). A floral summer dress is acceptable. If the invitation specifies that the bride should wear a particular hue, stay away from it.

The weather might change suddenly. A shawl, bolero jacket, or other pieces that go well with the rest of your outfit would be ideal to have on hand for when the weather outside turns more excellent than expected. Better still if it serves as a modest church covering as well.

Shoes – One of the most important aspects!

It’s never necessary to wear heels. You must bring at least a pair of flat shoes if the wedding takes place in a picturesque rural setting; otherwise, you risk getting stuck on someone’s lawn. It’s acceptable to wear sandals or open-toe shoes. Dark pantyhose worn with light-colored pumps are only appropriate for clowns.

General dress code guidelines

A few general guidelines hold whether or not the dress code is stated. First, refrain from donning anything that is more than 50% white. Second, remember the dress code for ceremonies at places of worship. This dress code may require a dress that falls below the knee or donning a shawl to cover your shoulders. During these essential family gatherings, it is crucial to respect the traditions and beliefs of others. 

Final verdict

Look for clues in the invitation and wedding details if a dress code is stated clearly on the wedding invitation; location and time can help you decide what to wear to the wedding.