March 28, 2023

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How to Use Amazon Automation to Scale Your Business

There are various software programs that do all, or some combination of, the following:

Optimize your product listings. This includes keyword search and tests to get your products ranked higher than competitive listings.

PPC management. These software tools manage PPC as bids to help ensure ads get the most visibility for the best price.

Brand protection. Product monitoring tools protect your listings from hijackers, buy box loss, price changes, listing changes, and more.

Bookkeeping. Unless you really like staring at a spreadsheet, and even if you do, accounting software is a given for any well-run business.

Feedback and product review management. The right automated review tool helps Amazon sellers quickly manage the review process, and build unique seller feedback campaigns.

Amazon Inventory Management. While Amazon FBA does maintain and manage your inventory, you still need to stay on top of when stock levels are low and when you need to reorder. Inventory management software saves you the trouble of continually looking at your Amazon reports.

Profit and loss. Calculating net profit can be a difficult and messy process without the right tools.

Automated email campaigns. It’s not just creating the emails, it’s making sure the emails go to the target audience and track which emails are more effective than others. 

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While these software tools are traditional screen and dashboard-based programs, Chatbots are pre-programmed software designed to respond to certain routine queries, or frequently asked questions, such as “Does your product have an off/on the button?”, with complete sentences that mimic human conversations. Some of the more sophisticated chatbots employ artificial intelligence to actually “learn” from customer inquiries and develop appropriate responses.

While you could hire freelancers or even staff to perform any or all of these, there are comparative disadvantages. For one, you have to go through the time and expense of the hiring process. Then there is the long-term hit to your overhead, versus the one-time purchase or subscription fee of the software. True, the software doesn’t entirely run itself, so you (or someone on your team) has to enter some data and make decisions, but this is still much more cost-efficient than performing any of these functions manually. Best of all is if some or all of these functions are integrated into a single platform.

The time you save and the resources you free up with Amazon automations result in lower operating costs and better customer experiences. You can reinvest your time into marketing your business and scaling it for future growth and, in most cases these automated solutions / software’s are comparatively cost effective then hiring professionals to undertake certain tasks, the other added advantage is DATA, these software’s come with large data related to keywords, products, competitors & markets. Which helps amazon sellers to take informed decision in choosing products, bidding for keywords & management inventory. JungleScout, Helium10 & Zonbase these tools will help you from picking the best product to managing the whole FBA business.