Illuvium review: Is this a true AAA NFT game?

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“menuItems”:[“label”:”Illuvium verdict – Execs and Negatives”,”anchorName”:”#illuvium-verdict—professionals-and-downsides”,”label”:”What is the Illuvium launch day?”,”anchorName”:”#what-is-the-illuvium-launch-day”,”label”:”Is Illuvium no cost-to-perform?”,”anchorName”:”#is-illuvium-no cost-to-perform”,”label”:”What formats is Illuvium on?”,”anchorName”:”#what-formats-is-illuvium-on”,”label”:”What is Illuvium’s premise?”,”anchorName”:”#what-is-illuvium-s-premise”,”label”:”Illuvium gameplay stated”,”anchorName”:”#illuvium-gameplay-stated”,”label”:”What are Illuvials?”,”anchorName”:”#what-are-illuvials”,”label”:”How does battle get the job done in Illuvium?”,”anchorName”:”#how-does-battle-get the job done-in-illuvium”,”label”:”Mining means”,”anchorName”:”#mining-means”,”label”:”What are the game modes?”,”anchorName”:”#what-are-the-game-modes”,”label”:”Shards stated”,”anchorName”:”#shards-stated”,”label”:”Who is developing Illuvium?”,”anchorName”:”#who-is-developing-illuvium”,”label”:”Participate in to get paid mechanics”,”anchorName”:”#perform-to-get paid-mechanics”,”label”:”How considerably does it price tag to perform Illuvium?”,”anchorName”:”#how-considerably-does-it-price tag-to-perform-illuvium”,”label”:”Tokenomics of Illuvium stated”,”anchorName”:”#tokenomics-of-illuvium-stated”,”label”:”DAO governance structure”,”anchorName”:”#dao-governance-structure”,”label”:”In which to buy Illuvium (ILV)”,”anchorName”:”#wherever-to-buy-illuvium-ilv”,”label”:”What is Illuvium: Zero?”,”anchorName”:”#what-is-illuvium-zero”]

Illuvium verdict – Execs and Negatives

Rapid Verdict: Illuvium seems promising on paper. You will find a deep progression and rarity tree to the collectable Illuvials, and a crystal clear prepare for a budding overall economy. The mix of 3D exploration and automobile battler battle should glow in Unreal Engine 4, as well. On the other hand, there is pretty very little game progress experience in the team, as properly as no significant footage of gameplay in action to back up the proposed experience.


  • Deep and pleasurable gameplay mechanics
  • Unreal Engine 4 guarantees immersive planet
  • a hundred% of profits goes back to the group
  • Strong token launch approach
  • Home for enlargement and spin-offs


  • Beginner progress team
  • No legitimate gameplay footage to back up plans
  • Pitches based on notion artwork
  • Activity delay possible
  • Only a hundred Illuvials at launch

Is Illuvium actually established to be the initially AAA blockchain game? Which is the declare from co-founders Kieran and Aaron Warwick. And we’ve heard such a declare lots of moments before in the limited history of NFT gaming. On the other hand, Illuvium has acquired significant momentum due to the fact 2020.

In six limited months, the game handed a hundred,000 Discord subscribers. And concerning July 2021 and October 2021, the ILV token went from US$30 to $seven-hundred in price. Assisted by its visual appearance on major exchanges like CoinSpot.

In this article I am going to split down the gameplay experience promised by Illuvium as properly as dive into the game’s tokenomics. Is Illuvium established to be 1 of the most effective NFT video games of 2021?

What is the Illuvium launch day?

It is really scheduled to go into an open beta in Q1 of 2022. On the other hand, which is by now a delay from Q3 2021. If the meagre footage obtainable as of September 2021 is just about anything to go by, that Q1 2022 target would seem not likely.

Is Illuvium no cost-to-perform?

Not all regions give the exact same issues or even access. There is a foundation Tier realm that is no cost-to-perform and can be expert by all. It will get you utilised to the game’s mechanics and to the thought of monitoring down and collecting Illuvials. In truth, you can mine for no cost Shards, which can seize the most essential of Illuvials in the game.

On the other hand, if you want to move up to the Tier 1 and larger regions (it seems like it goes up to Tier five), then you will need to have to set some skin into the game. You can expect to pay back in Ethereum (ETH).

What formats is Illuvium on?

No formats have been announced, even though you can lock in Pc and likely Mac. There is a cellular spin-off title in progress – referred to as Illuvium: Zero (see bottom of article) – and the present-day approach wil see it utilised as a way to mine means for the key game when on the go.

What is Illuvium’s premise?

Your placement in the intergalactic room fleet turns pear-shaped when you crash land on an irradiated earth which is been punished by some sort of cataclysm. Most of the location has been devoured by the ocean and what land continues to be is finding battered by all-natural disasters. Even though giant obelisks, made by some preceding inhabitant, block access to some regions solely.

Your purpose is to find out what induced this celebration to occur and to unlock the obelisks as you go. To do this, you will need to have to mine the land for Shards, which can be utilised to seize Illuvials, subduing them for use in your very little non-public military.

Illuvials are God-like creatures that roam this unnamed earth empowered by radiation. You can think of them as getting a whole lot like Pokémon. Or at least, Pokémon offered a mature kick up the backside, using absent that cheesy Nintendo glow in the approach.

At the begin of the game you will be in a position to customise the look of your character. You will also be in a position to pick out a drone that will accompany you on your experience as a sidekick. It is really referred to as the Polymorphic Subordinate Drone or PSD.

Illuvium Review 5

Illuvium gameplay stated

Illuvium pitches by itself as an open-planet RPG, which would set it together with the likes of The Elder Scrolls or Cyberpunk 2077. If it was AAA. Extremely early footage demonstrates a 3D planet with significant environments loaded with affordable amounts of element. It is really created in Unreal Engine 4, which is a notably robust middleware remedy for this genre. And the color palette does remember that engine’s most common game, Fortnite.

We have been promised a array of environments, even though we’ve only experienced a glimpse consequently far of what they could be – mainly in the sort of notion artwork. Some footage has been leaked of a barren rocky island, surrounded by beach locations and water. On the other hand, it seems bland and pretty linear for something which is supposedly open planet. A working day-evening cycle has been prompt, as well.

Travelling via the overworld is performed on foot or via the Obelisks scattered all-around the planet. Towns also exist close to these Obelisks, which is not only wherever you will craft new equipment, but give a risk-free haven absent from Illuvials.

As you take a look at you will come across Illuvials – the creatures of the land. These aren’t roaming freely, but rather section in and out of the planet. Which is a extravagant way of stating they just pop up abruptly as random battles – an archaic gameplay mechanic from outdated Pokémon and Closing Fantasy video games. You will not get to keep track of them down like Monster Hunter.

You can struggle from Illuvials (see battle part below) and if successful, you have the chance of capturing them in a Shard. The probability of seize is described by the power of the Shard vs the power of the Illuvial you might be making an attempt to seize. Captured Illuvials become aspect of your collection for potential fights. The far better and much more robust your collection, the deeper into the game planet you can development.

What are Illuvials?

The Illuvials are the Pokémon of this planet. Or the Axies, if you favor. There are around a hundred to acquire, which is a very little underwhelming if you talk to me. Pokémon Sword and Shield experienced four hundred, for instance. The Illuvials are damaged up into 1 of five affinities – H2o, Earth, Hearth, Character and Air – and five lessons – Fighter, Guardian, Rogue, Poison and Empath. They also have 3 daily life phases to degree-up via, growing from cubs into deities.

On the other hand, as you get to the endgame, you come across rarer much more potent Illuvials that can have several affinities and lessons. In addition, you can fuse 3 fully levelled Illuvials together, making new variants with rarer talents. The game also favours gamers who construct up collections of like minded Illuvials, letting them to “synergise” and enrich 1 another’s powers.

Throwing an further curve ball into the mix are uncommon captures. Just about every time you use a Shard, there is a smaller probability it’ll be mutated into a Shiny, Rainbow or Holo sort. Receiving rarer in that get. These change the look of the Shard and make it much more worthwhile to the NFT’s proprietor.

On paper, this seize approach does have some attention-grabbing – even though far from exclusive – depth. Even though all those in pursuit of earning some uncommon (examine: worthwhile) NFTs have something to look ahead to from the Fusion notion. Illuvials will also degree-up via battle, so will theoretically make improvements to as they are utilised in-game.

Just about every time you seize an Illuvial, that NFT is minted. If you fuse 3 Illuvials together, a new Illuvial is minted and the 3 existing NFTs are burned. It is really not crystal clear, on the other hand, regardless of whether the end result of a Fusion is randomised or preset.

Illuvium Review 6

How does battle get the job done in Illuvium?

Illuvium’s battle will take its nod from the automobile battler genre an rising gameplay experience that commenced to get traction a couple decades in the past. Vehicle Chess was the trendsetter, but DOTA Underlords, Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Teamfight Strategies are also notable entries.

An automobile battler is a game wherever you have no authentic-time palms-on regulate of the genuine preventing. As an alternative, it is all about team developing and approach. In this scenario, employing your Illuvials. What Illuvials have you collected? How have you upgraded them and fed them with means? How do the stats, degree, class and sort of your assembled team synergise together? Just about every Illuvial has a essential, vital and best assault to think about, as well.

Then of training course, these approaches need to have to be thought of with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent.

It is really pretty considerably like a card collecting game (CCG) in this regard. Or certainly a Pokémon title. On the other hand, with an automobile battler, as soon as the pieces (examine: Illuvials) are positioned on the battlefield, you move absent and check out on in a passive capability to see if you received your pre-battle approach correct. It is really not crystal clear nevertheless how lots of fighters you’ll provide into each struggle, but screenshots recommend it is 8 Illuvials.

It is really worth noting that your player character is generally on the battlefield, as well. Even though the player is passive in struggle, their avatar is energetic. It can add affinity and class auras that enrich the characteristics of your assembled team of Illuvials.

You can also bond your character to an Illuvial to grant even much more added bonuses. This is not properly stated as nevertheless, but is described as getting semi-long term. It implies that using this route could make it possible for you to seize much more Illuvials by obtaining a much more potent team, but could deflate the price or even burn that particular NFT as a sacrifice.

Mining means

Your drone is utilised to mining means from the planet’s floor. Ore, uncured Shards and gemstones can be uncovered, all with varying rarities. These can be utilised to develop new armour and weapons, or enrich all those you by now have. The improvement you make in this article govern the auras your player character emits in struggle, which in switch buffs your Illuvials.

You can also harvest organics from the trees that dot the planet. These can be delivered directly to Illuvials to give restricted-time enhancements in the course of battle. One particular instance permits you to harvest a poison goo, which can make improvements to an Illuvials assault stats.

Illuvium Review 1

What are the game modes?

There will only be 1 method at launch: Adventure Mode. Considerably of the gameplay described previously mentioned occurs inside of this method. Right after launch, we can assume two struggle arena modes to get there: Ranked and Leviathan. The previous produces a degree actively playing discipline for skill-based matches. The latter is a no cost-for-all with no matter what collection you have received.

Interestingly, the developer has indicated plans to make it possible for for in-game betting on the struggle arena modes. It will be pleasurable to check out how governments all-around the planet look (examine: frown) at that!

Shards stated

As you have no question collected, Shards are the Pokéball of Illuvium. These are mined from the ground in uncured sort and the top quality of the Shard you get better is random in strength – properly, random in that the more robust the rarer. You need to have powerful Shards to seize powerful Illuvials. So if you undertaking out without the need of a few of excellent Shards up your sleeve, you operate the chance of coming across an Illuvial you can’t seize.

Who is developing Illuvium?

Frustratingly, like lots of builders in the NFT and blockchain gaming room, the developer of Illuvium has no title. And for me this is generally a pink flag. Hunting into the two co-founders raises more worries. Brothers Kieran and Aaron Warwick, out of Sydney Australia, have no game progress history of notice.

The previous – Kieran – is an entrepreneur. Aaron, when someone with a extensive history as a coding hobbyist, has hardly ever labored in a game studio ecosystem. You will find pretty very little notable gaming experience across the grander team. Only previous Irrational Games (BioShock), Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) and Arkane Studios (Dishonored) alumni Nate Wells – who only exists in an advisor/producer capability – is of notice.

This does not mean they can’t develop a terrific game, but I’d set issue marks around any initially-time developer claiming they will revolutionise NFT video games by creating a AAA title. I’ve lined the indie gaming scene due to the fact it grew to become a detail, and this is the form of BS I’ve heard a million moments around.

For the history, the game is getting created employing the common Unreal Engine 4 middleware remedy. And the tokenomics are all underpinned by the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain. NFT buying and selling is getting managed by Immutable X.

Illuvium Review 2

Participate in to get paid mechanics

This is NFT gaming, so the key implies of a player building dollars in Illuvium is to acquire and sell significant price Illuvials. On the other hand, to get to the uncommon and most worthwhile Illuvials requires the player to get deep into the game planet.

This requires mining Shards from the world’s land, unearthing ore and gemstones that can be utilised to up grade and make improvements to equipment, as properly as harvesting natural means from crops that can give in struggle buffs. This as you might be capturing, levelling and fusing a team of Illuvials excellent enough to just take on and seize the uncommon – examine strongest and much more worthwhile – creatures you can obtain.

As such, there is marketplaces wherever gamers can sell the means they collect, weapons and equipment they have crafted, or lesser Illuvials, to other gamers. All the in-game transactions concerning gamers are performed with the ILV token. The market for all these transactions is referred to as IlluviDEX, and it is facilitated by Immutable X. Which is a 3rd-occasion, layer-2 Ethereum transaction motor that permits for gasoline-no cost transfers of NFTs.

It is really worth noting as properly that there are a restricted selection of Illuvials in the game’s ecosystem. So, as much more are uncovered of a form, the tougher they become to identify. There are, on the other hand, enlargement plans in location for much more regions and Illuvials in the potential, so it will be attention-grabbing to see how they manage their addition without the need of devaluing or annoying existing holders.

Even though not obtainable at launch, gamers will ultimately be in a position to location wagers on ranked matches in the struggle arenas, as well. Land income have also been touted and even look as a “coming quickly” on the internet site, but look to be tied to the Illuvium: Zero cellular spin-off title.

How considerably does it price tag to perform Illuvium?

Even though in-game trades concerning consumers are performed employing ILV tokens, the transactions concerning the game by itself and consumers all occur via Ethereum. In truth, you will not at any time need to have ILV to perform the game.

There are two approaches that Illuvium absorbs Ethereum from the player. The initially is they just take a five% payment for any transaction built concerning gamers. (You will find an added .five% payment that also goes to Immutable X.)

The next system is via getting of in-game objects. The 5 matters you can invest ILV tokens on are:

  1. Shard Curing: Employed to switch mined Shards into Shards able of capturing an Illuvial.
  2. Travel: When you want to go concerning regions via an obelisk.
  3. Crafting: If you want to brief-soar your way to far better equipment.
  4. Cosmetics: Insert seems and bling, if that is your detail.
  5. Revival: If you can’t be bothered waiting around for an wounded Illuvial to mend you can soar the approach with ETH. A approach that harks back to all those horrid cellular game monetisation methods.

It is really unclear at this level how considerably it will price tag in ILV to heal a Shard, but this is at the core of the game’s monetisation approach. You are not able to seize any Illuvials without the need of Shards.

Illuvium Review 3

Tokenomics of Illuvium stated

The greatest selection of ILV tokens in the market place at full dilution will be ten,000,000. Prior to the game’s launch, 9,000,000 will be in circulation, with the previous million divvied out as in-game rewards and for event victories. A more 1,five hundred,000 tokens are by now held by the DAO in the treasury for more distribution to in-game achievements and tournaments.

The 2,000,000 ILV tokens dispersed in the course of seeding are scheduled to unlock in March 2022, and will drip-fed out at a price of 1/12 per thirty day period for 12 months. The 1,five hundred,000 ILV tokens held by the team will also be drip-fed out from that time, but will do so at a price of 1/36 per thirty day period for 3 decades.

Illuvium Tokenomics

As of the time of producing, a more three,000,000 tokens are at present getting locked absent in produce farming for 12-months vesting stints.

Individuals who buy ILV can stake them in two destinations. You will find the direct ILV pool, which is anticipating to get paid eighty five% yearly proportion produce (APY). Or there is a secondary LV/ETH Sushi Liquidity Pool on – wherever you will have to stake both of those ETH and ILV 1:1. This delivers a 600% APY on the mixed quantity.

The total pool of ten,000,000 ILV tokens could hardly ever eventuate, on the other hand, owing to the capacity for token homeowners to declare their stake early by converting ILV to sILV. This artificial different holds a 1:1 price with the key token, and permits for all those who have staked their ILV to invest it in-game before their funds are unlocked. Any ILV associated in these transactions is burned.

a hundred% of all earnings built via the Illuvium game is returned to holders of ILV.

Illuvium Distribution

DAO governance structure

The Illuvanti Council is elected just about every 3 months, with five group users voted into the seats from all those who set themselves ahead. Voting power is dispersed by way of the sq.-root of one’s ILV stake. So, 1 ILV will get you 1 vote. 36 ILV will get you six votes. And so forth. This is to reduce around-domination by whales and seeders.

The council can “debate and distil complex changes.” As properly as look at approaches to distribute the 1,five hundred,000 ILV held in the treasury. On the other hand, any changes to the protocol – Illuvium Proposals – requires a supermajority to be enacted.

In which to buy Illuvium (ILV)

You can at present buy Illuvium from the subsequent exchanges:

Identify Products Fiat Currencies
CoinSpot Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bank transfer, BPAY, Income, Cryptocurrency, POLi, PayID


CoinSpot is an Australian trade that allows you easily buy, sell and trade much more than 290 cryptos.

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Binance is the world’s major trade by buying and selling quantity. Get commenced with immediate zero payment AUD deposits and withdrawals in Australia, and enjoy reduced buying and selling expenses, a large assortment of cryptocurrencies and 24/7 community purchaser aid. Cryptocurrency Exchange



Finder exclusive: New consumers get $90 worth of Gate.IO factors and an airdrop of $five in GateTokens if trade quantity exceeds $a hundred in their initially 7 days. T&Cs use.
A characteristic-rich trade with around seven-hundred tokens which includes derivatives, produce farming and lending solutions.

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Hotbit Cryptocurrency Trade

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Illuvium Zero

What is Illuvium: Zero?

Illuvium: Zero is a spin-off title to Illuvium releasing on mobiles in 2022. It is really a town-builder, wherever gamers are in a position to buy a portion of land and then construct out a civilization that can mine means. If you are actively playing the game for no cost, all those means are sure to the Illuvium: Zero game. On the other hand, if you have bought into the game, then the means you mine can be transferred to the key game as fuel to help with your pursuit of Illuvials. You can also scan Illuvials that roam your land, and use this facts to develop skins that can be bought into the key group as blueprint NFTs.

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