March 29, 2023

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Jessica Hayes throws out old clothes after three stone weight loss and surgery

Former Love Island er Jessica Hayes is looking and feeling better than ever.

Following a very tough year, after losing her second son Teddy to a late miscarriage at the end of 2020 and splitting with her fiancé Dan last winter, she now has a new lifestyle and new outlook on life, and it’s all thanks to her diet plan with Muscle Foods.

She’s lost three stone, undergone breast surgery and has dyed her hair back to her signature red.

Speaking about her recent weight loss, Jess told OK! that she lost two stone since last February and then another since starting her MuscleFood plan. She explained: “’Ive lost a stone since I’ve been doing the MuscleFood plan, but since February last year it’s been about three.

Jessica Hayes has opened up about her three stone weight loss
Jessica Hayes has opened up about her three stone weight loss

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I was struggling to lose that extra stone. I’ve really toned up and that was one of my goals – to lose and tone. Having high protein food has really helped do that.”

The star, 28, opened up about her motivation to lose weight, saying she wanted to feel more confident after splitting up with her ex-partner Dan – the father of her son Presley – early last year.

She explained: “When you’re in a relationship you’re very comfortable. I didn’t really care as I was a mum. I think the whole trauma with Teddy, that really threw me off again.

The star has been following a meal prep plan
The star has been following a meal prep plan

Jessica continued: “I wasn’t happy. I needed to get my confidence back and feel good again. If I wanted to go and date people, I didn’t want to feel bad. Of course that played a part. I was like, “Right, I need to find me again.” It does feel like I lost myself over those years. I just wasn’t me.”

She explained she’s chucked away all her old clothes, adding: “It’s nice to be able to wear the clothes I want to wear. I have dropped two dress sizes.

“I was a size 12, I’m now an 8. I’ve thrown out all my clothes and bought new ones. It’s great. I would never have got into a swimsuit back in early October, but now I feel way more confident in my clothes. It’s crazy what a difference three months can make.

Before, the star said she just wasn’t eating right. She explained: “I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted – fast food, I was out a lot and drinking wine. I guess that’s just calories and calories. I was feeling rubbish and just never really lost my baby weight.

Now, she’s following the MuscleFood plan, which means her breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all delivered to her door.

Jess showed off her weight loss after going on the Muscle Foods plan
Jess says she feels more like herself now

She tells OK!: “You get one box a week and you have breakfast, lunch and dinner in it for the week. It’s things that are high in protein. For breakfast you might have porridge, granola or pancakes.

“For lunch they do prepped meals, so that could be things you put in the microwave, which are handy when you’re on-the-go and again it’s all very protein-based. Then you get your recipe kits for dinner with all the ingredients. You know you’re eating all the right stuff and it doesn’t feel like a diet as you’re still getting little treats.”

Jess has been following MuscleFood’s GOALGETTERS super slimmer plan. Find out more at goal-getters. And get £10 off your first three boxes using the code NEWGG .

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