Key Worker singer Tom Ryder looks at the SCALES system that can help you with your physical and mental wellbeing

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In his newest Retune column, Tom Ryder appears at the intelligent process you can live your everyday living by to continue to keep things nicely balanced…

In excess of the previous several months I have released numerous procedures and ideas that advertise wellbeing in the course of lockdown. These have incorporated an application to assistance you continue to be in contact and linked (Houseparty), a selection of encouraged listening on Spotify and a physical fitness tracker that is both motivational and social (Strava).

This 7 days, and for the 6 months over and above, I am heading to delve a minor further and consider you via a process that we use at Retune to discover, measure and ‘tune up’ mental wellbeing. The process is known as SCALES, and it comprises 6 ‘strings’: Snooze, Artistic, Lively, Pay attention, Earth and Social.

SCALES (34044755)
SCALES (34044755)

I will be heading into extra detail about just about every of these parts in the coming months, but very first I preferred to define the model to you and describe the theory guiding it.

The unique components that make up mental wellbeing exist, like musical notes, on a scale. We do not simply have excellent mental wellness or bad mental wellness instead there is a spectrum, with a lot of shades of grey. In excess of the study course of a working day or 7 days, our wellbeing can fluctuate substantially, so we want to examine-in with ourselves on a regular basis in buy to continue to keep an eye on it.

I think that if I can get enough restful snooze, engage in a imaginative activity that takes advantage of the creativeness, be lively, hear to anything nourishing, value the entire world close to me although remaining grounded and attain out to connect with a beloved one just about every working day, then I will be perfectly on the way to wellbeing and harmony. Psychological harmony, if you will.

“The SCALES model is anything you can live your everyday living by,” says photographer and filmmaker Kathryn Bailey. “It can assistance you regulate your time to make sure you might be on the lookout immediately after the numerous ‘strings’ that make up your personal wellbeing and mental wellness in a constructive way. When you have observed which one is ‘out of tune’, you can get started to make modest improvements to proper and ‘retune’ it.

“Potentially you’ve got only just realised that you’ve got not exercised in a thirty day period or that you haven’t been sleeping perfectly. You have to consciously recognise the trouble in buy to locate the solution, and the SCALES model can assistance you do that.”

Creative imagination is the basis that Retune was constructed on. “I feel it’s so vital that individuals are aware that, just mainly because they are not able to draw a image or play an instrument, it would not imply they usually are not imaginative,” Kathryn carries on.

“It really is worth noting that staying imaginative would not necessarily imply staying artistic. Creative imagination is all about applying your creativeness to come up with ideas and address problems. We are all born imaginative and continue being so in the course of everyday living, but just about every of us takes advantage of our creativity in unique strategies, and it manifests otherwise depending on your age and atmosphere.”

Kathryn Bailey (34044759)
Kathryn Bailey (34044759)

Movie and dance are the keys to trying to keep Kathryn balanced. She does ‘drop out of tune’ at times nonetheless: “I can experience burned out or overworked, normally owing to staying at my desk in front of a monitor for far too prolonged. I am self-utilized, so I convey it on myself!

“Structuring my working day or 7 days dependent on the SCALES model truly can help, as I can timetable my consumer work close to the things that I have decided consider precedence in my everyday living these as exercising, time outside the house and self-care.”

Greg Camburn has been working with Retune because its inception. He says: “If just about every string – that is to say just about every vital section of your everyday living – is in tune, then your mental wellbeing is most likely to be excellent.

Greg Camburn (34044751)
Greg Camburn (34044751)

“When a guitar is out of tune, you can harmony it out by building some small adjustments. So if you’ve got determined that anything in your everyday living isn’t pretty right, you can do anything about it.

“I feel snooze is the most vital section of preserving harmony with my personal mental wellbeing. I have not observed the ideal answer, but pinpointing vital components that I want to continue to keep in tune has truly served me. We all have unique and vital components to our life, and they want to be balanced – it’s been a authentic eye-opener.”

Kathryn concludes: “Even for all those who frequently really don’t fret about their mental wellness, it can be truly practical to discover what provides you joy and what makes you experience improved both bodily and mentally, and make sure it is factored in to your calendar.”

Kathryn Bailey (34044753)
Kathryn Bailey (34044753)

Search out for my column about the future 6 months as I will be tackling just about every section of SCALES in switch. If you would like to master extra about the model, the Retune staff would appreciate to listen to from you. Continue to be safe and sound.

Retune puts on live gigs, visits educational institutions and universities and produces online material, which includes an upcoming podcast and application. For extra details pay a visit to or follow @RetuneWellbeing on socials.

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