September 28, 2022

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PETA urges Sarah Jessica Parker to make ‘SATC’ reboot fur-free

Not only will Kim Cattrall be missing from HBO Max’s upcoming “Sex and the City” reboot, but PETA is hoping the show will ditch the fur, too.

In a letter to star and executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker obtained by Page Six, the animal rights organization urges Parker give up the luxe — and controversial — goods in favor of vegan fur.

“I’m writing to appeal to you to make this version fur-free, unlike the original. Since the series ended in 2004, attitudes toward fur have shifted dramatically and most designers have discontinued it,” PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews writes in the letter.

“Of course, what we would love to hear is that you embrace the spirit of this month’s Vogue Italia, which is dedicated to animals and calls on the fashion world to move away not just from fur but also from all cruelly obtained, animal-derived materials,” the letter continues.

A rep for Parker didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

Throughout the original HBO series, Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) wore a vintage fur coat to keep warm during New York City’s blistery nights. Perhaps in the reboot, titled “And Just Like That,” the costume designer will swap out the real furs for one of Apparis‘ or Stella McCartney‘s stunning (and animal-friendly) faux furs — as noted by Page Six Style.

Notably, the first “Sex and the City” movie (2008) features a scene where the ladies are confronted by anti-fur activists outside of New York Fashion Week. After one activist screams “Fur is murder!” and throws red paint on Samantha Jones’ white fur coat, the character — who’d moved to Los Angeles — smiles wistfully and says, “God, I miss New York.”

HBO Max confirmed late Sunday that the series, minus Cattrall’s Samantha, would be back for 10-episodes; however, Page Six exclusively revealed in December that a reboot was in the works.

Although Parker and Cattrall have been engaged in an alleged feud for years, Parker said she and the cast will miss Cattrall’s presence.