Preparing a Shopping Review – Articles and Consumer Reviews Considered


It seems these days that Shopping review articles are all over the Internet, and they also seem to rank higher than other types of articles online in the search engines. This should be no surprise because the search engines know that retailers and people that sell products and services are willing to advertise on those pages that come up when people are looking to purchase something or learn more about a certain product.

Not only are the search engines making money by pushing these types of articles to the top, but retailers, blogs, website owners, newspapers, magazines, and even e-zines also know that if they include such articles, they can sell more advertising. Simply put shopping review articles are not only desired by consumers but also publications.

Over the last couple years, as a consumer myself, I’ve written nearly 500 such articles, spanning several different sectors such as; jewelry, computers, books, personal electronics, and business equipment. I am always amazed by how much traffic these articles get online and how often trade journals, e-zine editors, and newsprint publishers ask me to republish them.

One thing I have found is that publishers like article authors who write positive Shopping reviews, but you should never leave out the critique of the product or service. After all, if you are writing an article about something that you’ve bought and everything is positive, then it doesn’t look real. In fact, it might even catch the eye of those that are enforcing the buzz marketing laws at the Federal Trade Commission.

If you are going to Write Shopping Review Articles, I hope you will please consider this, as it is something I have learned over the last three years doing just that. Think on it.

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