September 27, 2022

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Shapewear Ideas to Inspire Your Everyday Wear

The word shapewear often gets people to imagine uncomfortable and stiff garments that they have to squeeze into for a few hours to look sleek. That said, there is shapewear that offers maximum compression that is suitable for special occasions such as a dinner date or wedding. However, do you know that most shapewear styles are designed for comfortable everyday wear? Mind-blowing right? We believe this will change how you think about shaping garments.

Women who want to look stylish and also stay comfortable can easily wear shapewear on a daily basis. The important thing is to know which pieces to wear for which occasions. Shapewear is available in different designs such as body shaper, sculpting shorts, butt lifer, waist trainer and more. It is recommended to have a variety of shapewear styles and compression levels in one’s lingerie drawer in order to feel confident every day.

No matter if you are dressing for a casual get-together, work or a night out, here are the shapewear styles you will want in your wardrobe to wear comfortably and confidently regardless of the occasion.

Shaping Briefs

Everyone wears panties every day so why not choose the ones that will make you look and feel great? Shaping briefs or panties come in different styles that will enhance different features. They can create a flatter tummy and prevent muffin tops over the waist. Shaping panties also come with high-waisted styles that can offer more control of the midsection. These undergarments are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day under casual clothes, work clothes, and even more formal attire.

Full Bodysuits For All-Over Sculpting

It is important to have a smooth foundation for your outfits and if you just need some shaping all over the problem areas, you can it done comfortably with just one piece of garment. A full bodysuit creates a smooth silhouette so that your ensemble fits better over your torso. They are a must-have solution and are effective at creating a smooth foundation for most outfits.

A lighter-weight bodysuit with an open bust design is more comfortable as you can pair it with your own bra. Body shapers with shoulder straps can give extra support to the bust and the back.

Thigh Slimming Shapewear

One of the favorite shapewear designs is the thigh-slimming shapers. They are very effective in creating slim and smooth thighs while at the same time, doing a double duty that will also flatten the tummy, thus creating a slimmer, smoother midsection. This shaping garment is soft, comfortable and also powerful, and effective at camouflaging cellulite and creating leaner legs. They are ideal to wear underneath dresses and skirts as well as pants and jeans that show off your figure.

Trim The Waist With A Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are one of the popular shaping garments today because of the amazing results they create. While waist trainers for plus size women may be uncomfortable to wear all day initially, you can try waist training by gradually increasing the time you wear yours. After a few weeks, you can wear one comfortably all day. It is recommended to start wearing a waist trainer for about an hour or two a day and then add more time each day. Waist trainers are some of our most popular shaping garments because they create such stunning results. You can drop 1 to 3 inches from the waist instantly when you wear it.