Super Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on Prince, R&B, and Their New Album

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Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’s musical partnership stretches back to the working day they satisfied in the Upward Bound application at the University of Minnesota. That was 48 years in the past. Lewis was a college student at Minneapolis North Higher, Jimmy “Jam” Harris was at Washburn, and they were […]

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’s musical partnership stretches back to the working day they satisfied in the Upward Bound application at the University of Minnesota. That was 48 years in the past. Lewis was a college student at Minneapolis North Higher, Jimmy “Jam” Harris was at Washburn, and they were in rival bands in the audio scene: Lewis in a Parliament-Funkadelic–flecked outfit he termed Flyte Tyme, Jam in the much more Philly soul–inspired Intellect and Make any difference. They became friends, then bandmates, then one particular of the most prosperous output groups of all time. In spite of their sixteen Billboard quantity one particular singles, for most of the very last 5 a long time, they were in the background—wearing their trademark slick satisfies with dark shades, quietly placing collectively a musical legacy that stands up to anybody’s, even that of their previous employer, Prince. 

“There are only a few types of tracks: excellent tracks, terrible tracks, and hit tracks. Two are debatable. 1 is not.”

Terry Lewis

“It’s like a excellent marriage,” says Lewis when I access him and Jam via Zoom from their respective houses in Los Angeles. “You just perform by whatever the concerns are. Mainly because unworked-by concerns come to be complications, and complications are terminal, so we just never ever enable concerns come to be complications.”

The two of them have a new album, fittingly entitled Jam & Lewis, Vol. one. The album is entire of big names, artists with whom Jam and Lewis have crafted substantial hits: Mariah Carey, Boyz II Guys, Usher. But for the initially time, you will not have to glance by the credits to obtain their names: They’ll be ideal there on their album’s protect. 

Jam and Lewis have not termed Minneapolis house considering that they mothballed Flyte Tyme Studios in Edina in 2003. They’ve been back, most memorably when they programmed all the musical amusement on Nicollet Shopping mall throughout Tremendous Bowl week in 2018, and their hometown definitely has maintained its impact on their seem. In simple fact, Vol. one opens with a new song by Appears of Blackness, the legendary Minneapolis gospel group, and closes with a common funk training with Morris Day and Jerome, both equally original users of The Time, all collectively with The Roots as their backup band. 


You guys have explained that when you began creating documents your philosophy was that there shouldn’t be a Jam and Lewis seem, it should be the artist’s seem. So how did you conceptualize your seem now that you’re the artist? 

Lewis: Very little improved but the day, mainly because it’s still all about the artist and much more especially the craft of the song. Now, I will say that our persona instrumentally is definitely likely to be commonplace throughout the spectrum. 

Jam: Somebody read the Babyface song and explained, “That really do not seem like y’all.” So, what does it seem like? They explained, “Sounds like Babyface.” I explained, “Exactly.” 

So why call it the initially Jimmy and Terry record, then?  

Jam: When Babyface read the concluded model of his song, he explained, “Man, that appears definitely excellent.” And we were like, “Yeah, of study course it appears excellent, man—you’re Babyface.” I imagine our method lets the artist to fall back in like with them selves. So Babyface was ready to just hear himself the way most people else hears it. Shawn from Boyz II Guys cried when he read their song, mainly because it just took him back to all the factors that were vital about audio to him. 

You kicked the album off with a legendary Minneapolis group, and you shut the album with a legendary Minneapolis group.

Jam: When we began Point of view Documents thirty years in the past, the foundation was Appears of Blackness. Musically, spiritually—it just was our foundation. And you can develop a big, tall constructing off that foundation. And the roots of the very last track—no pun intended—is Morris Day. When Prince advised Morris, “Go put a band collectively,” and he just came about to our band and explained, “Y’all be the band,” Prince wasn’t absolutely with that. But Morris fought for us and looked out for us. And so to reunite him with Jerome—who takes place to be Terry’s brother—on a song, and building Questlove’s dream come legitimate to be on a record with, fundamentally, The Time—it was just the ideal way to bookend the album

“I imagine our method lets the artist to fall back in like with them selves.”

Jimmy Jam

You, Terry, Jerome, and Prince all grew up inside of a several miles of just about every other. Prince fired you from The Time immediately after you skipped a gig for doing work with The S.O.S. Band, but the thoughts appeared to operate much deeper than that. When you released Control with Janet Jackson, he took a limo to Jam’s home and threw a damaged Control CD in your driveway. 

Lewis: Well, I imagine a good deal of it spawned just in competitors. And, in this distinct case, it wasn’t about remaining “better than.” Who’s greater than Prince?


Lewis: He was the controller of everyone’s voice, and when anyone else attempted to talk up—it’s like when your kids commence chatting back to you. Like, they commence asking you “Why?” and you say, “Because I explained so.” We were rebelling versus what he explained. His phrase was not the Term. It was just a phrase, and we were possessing our possess words, our possess strategies. So, to belittle you in any way, to try out to stir conflict and cut down self confidence, he would toss a cassette in your driveway. And in the conclusion, that is what it was. We were all brothers and friends. We no longer had that relationship of employer/muse versus whatever we were at that time, I guess. It was a stage up to get to Prince, but he didn’t have to glance so significantly down to see us any longer. Now, Prince is the Man. No disrespect ever. 

For the record, was it Morris or Prince who fired you? 

Lewis: It was Prince. Let’s just put it out there. And, essentially, when he explained we were fired, Jam obtained up and walked out. I attempted to rationale with [Prince] for a couple minutes, and there was no rationale in the space. 

Jam understood. 

Lewis: Jam understood. I obtained up, and I explained, like, “Well, I guess, Okay. Interesting. Whatever.” And I walked out. But Morris walked out as very well, and they didn’t obtain Morris for months.

Jam: Yeah. That is ideal.

Lewis: We were a tight-knit group. We were all brothers, and we were all in this collectively, and Morris never ever required his band to be—I guess he utilised to call it a “hotel band.” That is where folks come for a evening.

Jam: A revolving door. 

Lewis: He required his band to be his band, and for an individual to supersede his eyesight was devastating for him. 

This album is a showcase of, like, thirty years of perform and forty years of friendship, but has the way you perform improved? 

Lewis: Steve, absolutely nothing improved but the day, gentleman. We do what we do. There is no system for it. There are factors that Jimmy does that I just cannot do. Well, he utilised to make me enjoy keyboards, but the good thing is, I obtained greater at other factors. I really do not have to enjoy. So, if I want to get my idea out, I want an individual that essentially can do it, so I can have much more time to fool with it on the other facet.

So that is been your function for thirty years.

Lewis: I’m on the lookout at the know-how. I’m on the lookout at where we can acquire this factor. What form of equipment can we acquire. Jam explained, “OK, sampling, let’s figure out how to do it our way.” And he took a good deal of factors that most folks do, and he turned it on a further angle. He obtained the triangle—he turned it upside down.

Is that what you noticed in him when he was a child who could enjoy all these distinct devices? 

Lewis: I like to acquire credit history for remaining a genius, but we were just possessing enjoyment. We just required to make audio. We had some talent. We didn’t know how much, mainly because what do you examine it versus? You can sit below and say you understood that we had anything important to present the entire world. That I did know. But I didn’t know what that was. But I noticed in Jimmy an individual who beloved audio. 

I signify no disrespect, but you have not had a quantity one particular hit considering that you still left Minneapolis. Is there anything distinct among building a hit that resonates with this kind of a large total of folks at when? Is there a system?  

Lewis: We do have an intuition for mass appeal, just mainly because I imagine expanding up in Minneapolis and remaining about so many distinct genres of audio and possessing to essentially study and access those people factors as element of your software belt aided us a good deal.

“We really do not command the charts. What we can command is the documents that we make.”

Jimmy Jam

The author Touré has a idea that Prince’s genre-defying seem can at the very least be partially credited to the Twin Cities’ dearth of Black radio stations. 

Lewis: Certainly, that, but also remaining ready to enjoy ski resorts and bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs and taking part in polka. If you enjoy for an corporation like VFW or anything. Like remaining ready to be pliable and obtainable to all factors. That absolutely can help you recognize audio in a distinct form of way. It’s like in each individual genre there is anything excellent, and then there is anything excellent, and then there is anything maybe that you deem not to be as excellent. But there are only a few types of tracks: excellent tracks, terrible tracks, and hit tracks. Two are debatable. 1 is not. So all we have attempted to do is make the very best tracks that we quite possibly can make, and ideally it becomes a hit. And we try out to remain away from the terrible tracks, but we make some of those people also. We like them so much we maintain them to ourselves. So, it’s just element of creation. 

Jam: We have had a ton of quantity types. And in modern years, as a make any difference of simple fact, the one particular that generally comes to brain for us was, with Janet, we had the Unbreakable album, which was quantity one particular.

Your very last Billboard Scorching 100 quantity one particular was Usher’s “U Remind Me” in 2001, ideal? 

Jam: That is absolutely legitimate. And so, we’ll see. And the simple fact that the Scorching 100 now is based mostly on YouTube plays, on TikTok plays, on whatever, that definitely doesn’t have nearly anything to do with us. We really do not command the charts. What we can command is the documents that we make. 

Even although you have been gone for much more than 10 years, you guys do have a link to this town. Were being you surprised to check out Minneapolis come to be the resource of so much global news?

Jam: A good deal of factors are distressing about George Floyd, but it was fundamentally a few blocks from where I grew up. I felt folks were extremely well mannered and extremely “Minnesota pleasant,” but maybe the complete imagined is they were “Minnesota nice” and well mannered even although they were prejudiced versus you. I imagine in the South, it’s extremely in your encounter. In Minneapolis, it was refined in the way there were clubs that we could not enjoy expanding up. And it wasn’t mainly because of the audio we played, mainly because the clubs were all taking part in R&B audio. It was just white bands taking part in R&B audio.

Lewis: The George Floyd factor is terrifying mainly because I could see myself, my kids, my brothers, remaining that exact human being. That is horrifying. We should all be ashamed of that. And in no way would you demand most people in Minneapolis and indict them for remaining hateful or prejudiced, mainly because I really do not imagine that is the case. But like Jam explained, it was extremely challenging for us to get into any club back in the working day right up until we played the Nacirema Club, and then ultimately, 1st Avenue began permitting us in to enjoy on distinctive days. But that was a long time coming. By that time, we were all striving to be countrywide artists. We weren’t striving to definitely fret about what Minneapolis was doing for us or to us. We had greater fish to fry. We had other aspirations, and looking at Prince get out of Minneapolis and be prosperous just gave us all the push to do the exact factor. And then we watched Lipps Inc. get out, and Cynthia [Johnson] had the quantity one particular song in the entire world, and it was like “OK, very well, it’s feasible.” 

This interview has been edited for duration and clarity.

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