March 20, 2023

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The Best Shaving Brushes for Men in 2021

Most males believe that the key to a fantastic shave is the razor. But that is only a piece of the puzzle. An excellent shaving brush is just as crucial to a amazing shave, if not additional significant, we’d argue, than the razor itself. 

Shaving brushes are key to softening and lifting facial hair off the face, exfoliating the skin, and incorporating heat to the equation, which will help open up the pores, lubricate the skin, and make for a closer shave. 

We’ve taken the time to glance via the countless numbers of shaving brushes readily available so that you never have to. Preserve reading through for our prime 10 picks for 2021.

In a hurry? Verify out the prime 3 shaving brushes today:

Our Select

Added benefits of a Shaving Brush

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, why do you even have to have a shaving brush in the first area? R, they make a enormous big difference in the shaving encounter. 

Having the time to blend a great, thick lather with a shaving brush will help build scaled-down bubbles that avert discomfort (no one likes razor burn up or ingrown hairs). It can also enable exfoliate your skin, ensuing in that baby-clean softness we all motivation.

Plus, it is a enjoyable ritual that is the epitome of self-treatment for males with facial hair.

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ten Most effective Shaving Brushes

Although there are seemingly unlimited alternatives when it arrives to the most effective shaving brushes, here are our prime picks in 2021.

Most effective-Over-all: Omega Skilled Boar Hair Shaving Brush

This select was the clear winner for us between the most effective shaving brushes. With extended bristles than standard made from higher density, higher-high quality boar hair, this brush results in a fantastic lather and performs nicely. The prolonged bristles allow for it to distribute shaving product or gel on to the face evenly. They are not as delicate as a badger bristle shaving brush, but some may well like the further texture.

The massive cope with, around five inches prolonged, is ideal for males with massive fingers and the selling price position would make it an economical option with no struggling in high quality.

Slipping beneath $15, this is a fantastic worth. You get an excellent rigid brush that will not crack the bank. The cope with is also readily available in 4 different colors, so there’s an option for everybody.

Most effective-Worth: Bassion Handcrafted Shaving Brush

For beneath $ten, you get a good deal with this brush. This four inches prolonged, handcrafted shaving brush has a at ease, ergonomic cope with made from all-natural wooden. This desirable cope with is a superior healthy for all hand sizes.

The bristles are synthetic and deliver a thick, high-class foam, and are a superior blend among delicate and rigid. 

Most effective Lather: Fendrihan Artificial Shaving Brush

This synthetic brush is fast-drying, simple to preserve, and has classy black bristles with silver recommendations and a matching smooth black resin cope with. The condition of the cope with would make it simple to hold and is durable and nicely-made.

The synthetic bristles are delicate and do the job up an excellent lather. 

At beneath $twenty, this basic shave brush will glance fantastic on your toilet counter.

Most effective Badger Bristle: Perfecto a hundred% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This brush claims that it was “engineered for the most effective shave of your life”. With a hundred% pure badger bristles, a all-natural wooden cope with, and a reasonable selling price position, we’re inclined to feel them!

Slight shedding may possibly occur throughout the first several employs, but the delicate badger bristles will come to feel high-class on your skin. 

The brush is merely created and looks fantastic, with a at ease, black wooden cope with that is on the scaled-down facet, beneath five inches. Some like a scaled-down size as it is less difficult to cope with.

Most effective Boar Bristle: Semogue 620 Top-quality Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

This magnificence is handmade in Portugal and athletics an desirable two-toned acrylic cope with with prime-high quality boar bristles. These bristles are identified for their stiffness, which would make them a fantastic exfoliant.

These individual bristles are really remarkable, creating a substantial volume of humidity-prosperous lather.  

The cope with is a bit scaled-down at 44 mm, as is the brush itself. Sizing here is up to personalized desire, but many have known as it ideal. The cope with, made of good acrylic, has a heavy, high-class come to feel, but for just beneath $twenty five, you are not able to conquer this selling price to high quality ratio. 

In addition, all Semogue brushes attribute their trademark metal ring at the prime of the cope with, which arrives in helpful if you want to hang your shave brush to dry. 

Most effective Artificial Bristle: Satin Suggestion – The Purest Shave Brush

This brush is identified for its extremely-delicate synthetic bristles that rival even the softest badger shaving brush. A crack-in time period with these synthetic brushes is pointless, unlike with the animal hair bristles, nor is there the odor that in some cases accompanies them. 

It also has a delicate-touch basic black cope with with a very low-slip rubberized coating. These handles are at ease to hold and use, and will not slip when moist. 

Priced at just beneath $twenty, this is a fantastic buy for people who like synthetic bristles and a delicate come to feel to their shaving brush. 

Most Hassle-free: Legacy Shave Evolution Shaving Brush

This shave brush offers an thrilling new style: there is no cope with as the brush attaches immediately to your shave can. 

This exceptional style is ingenious for a several motives: shaving product or gel will movement via the bristles, bringing further humidity to your shave and leaving your fingers clean. 

This style is also price-efficient, permitting you to use only what you have to have from your shaving product, which saves you a good deal of item around time  (much better for the environment and your wallet). 

Most Aesthetic: Je&Co Luxury Artificial Shaving Brush

This brush is higher end with no the selling price tag. At $thirteen, this brush is made of great, higher-high quality, synthetic bristles and has an aesthetically pleasing resin cope with. 

The bristles are delicate and absorb drinking water nicely. Artificial brushes are also identified for their simple treatment, and this brush is no exception. Just clean with warm drinking water just after each and every use, hang to air dry, and do not use sturdy detergents on it. 

Accessible in possibly blue or brown, the durable resin cope with options a curved style, producing it simple to grip and come to feel fantastic in your hand. 

This item arrives with a a hundred% satisfaction guarantee, a thing we usually like to see!

Most Luxurious: Maison Lambert a hundred% Silvertip Badger Horn Imitation Shaving Brush

The most costly shaving brush on our record at $seventy five, this brush is pure luxurious. From its a hundred% silvertip badger bristles, the most effective quality of badger hair, to its fake horn resin cope with, this brush provides an excellent lathering and hence shaving encounter. 

The fake horn resin cope with is made beautifully, with silver accents and body weight that feels fantastic in hand. 

This handmade shaving brush is very higher high quality, with a manly, higher-end glance and come to feel you simply cannot go mistaken with. This brush will past for years. 

Most Exceptional: Badger Shaving Brush and Bowl with Cranium Headed Take care of

We couldn’t resist throwing this shaving brush in. For people who love a superior ole skull and crossbones, do we have a brush for you.

This reasonably priced brush flaunts a exceptional skull-headed cope with with a hundred% pure badger bristles. The skull cope with is somewhat simple to grip and is lightweight and portable, producing it do the job nicely for property or journey. 

This kit also includes a stainless metal shaving bowl as a bonus.

How to Choose a Shaving Brush

With all the alternatives readily available, choosing a shaving brush can be frustrating. There are a several key considerations to glance for when shopping for a shave brush. The principal issue is you want a high quality brush that will past and will not tumble aside inside of a several employs.

When shopping for your shaving brush, a several factors to preserve in intellect are: brush product, cope with product, size, and price range. 

Brush Substance

The product employed for shaving brush bristles is the essential part of a shaving brush. There are many different kinds of brush products to decide on from: 

Boar Bristle

The most widespread product for shaving brushes, boar bristles, is cheap but wants time to be broken in. The first several shaves may possibly come to feel coarse but they soften around time. The stiffness would make for a fantastic exfoliator, while, and an epic way to start your morning. That claimed, if you have sensitive skin, you may possibly want to opt for a thing a bit softer. 

Badger Bristle 

This is historically the gold standard for shaving brushes as they make the most effective lather and can keep additional heat and drinking water than other bristle kinds. Badger hair is delicate in opposition to the skin and absorbs drinking water the most effective of all bristle kinds, which is a big professional. 

There are a few grades of badger bristles: pure, most effective, and silvertip. Silvertip is the most high-class and costly quality. It is very delicate and quickly retains a substantial amount of money of drinking water, generating a moist, prosperous lather. 


Not a pretty widespread option, horsehair is a bit of a blend among the stiffness of the boar and the softness of the badger bristle. Whereas you ought to use most shaving brushes in a circular movement, it is most effective to “paint” your shaving product on with a horsehair brush. 


Generally made of nylon, these are starting to be significantly preferred for their low-cost price and cruelty-absolutely free product however, high quality matters. Some synthetic brushes are too rigid, although others are too delicate and floppy. Choose sensibly here.

Take care of Substance

Shaving brush handles arrive in many products. Some are additional fragile than others and crack easily if dropped. 

In addition, shaving brush handles are generally viewed as performs of artwork. Model, heaviness, and condition are all aspects to believe about. How does it come to feel in your hand or when keeping it? 

The most widespread kinds of products are wooden, acrylic, resin, and plastic.

Resin and plastic are the most economical alternatives. Reliable resin has a fantastic come to feel in hand, but hollow plastic, although additional price-efficient, doesn’t have that exact same sensation. 

Wood is a classy product but just take treatment with these as they may possibly degrade if uncovered to copious quantities of drinking water. 

Or, as we have seen over, would you instead forgo a cope with entirely and have a brush that will attach immediately to your shaving product can? 


The size of the most effective shaving brushes fluctuate, and two aspects influence it: loft (the length of the bristles) and cope with size.

The normal loft for most shaving brushes is about fifty mm. Brushes with a higher loft will keep additional drinking water (try to remember, which is a superior issue) although also producing it less difficult to lather much larger regions. But at the end of the day, bristle length is a make a difference of personalized desire. 

The cope with ought to be a size that fits nicely in your hand (it’ll be different for everybody) and simple to use. This will fluctuate, so it is most effective to try out many handles and hold different brushes in your hand to get a come to feel for them. 


The selling price of a shaving brush can fluctuate considerably, relying on products, bristle kind, and many others. There is this sort of a large array in selling price that it is complicated to give an normal. Some are as very low as $9, although others can reach $250. 

But rest certain, there are so many brand names and kinds out there that you will be in a position to discover a high quality one at your selling price position. 

how to use a shaving brush

How to Use a Shaving Brush

The most effective shaving brushes are simple to use, producing them a fantastic tool for a much better shave. If you are a newbie to this great grooming item, here’s how to use one:

Phase one: Soaked your face with warm drinking water this softens the hairs.
Phase 2: Soaked the brush with warm drinking water.
Phase 3: If you use shaving product, place some in the center of the brush. If you use shaving product in a tin, operate the bristles around it.
Phase four: Lather up! Run your brush around your face in the place you want to shave making use of circular motions.
Phase five: When you have more than enough of a lather, it is time to shave.

When you have finished, make certain to clean your shaving brush, so it is superior to go for your subsequent use. No one likes a gross, filthy brush.

How to Clear a Shaving Brush

Cleansing your shaving brush on a regular basis will increase its lifetime and make it past a prolonged time.

Day-to-day Clear: At the bare bare minimum, usually rinse your brush totally just after each use to get rid of all soap residue. Then, squeeze the brush gently to drain excess drinking water. When it is clean, operate the bristles around a towel to catch any drinking water drippings and enable the brush air dry.

Month to month Clear: When a thirty day period, give your brush a deep clean by rinsing the brush until eventually it is soaked via and gently lathering it with a drop of mild liquid dishwashing detergent like Dawn in your hand. Later on, enable the brush soak in a cup of clean drinking water for a several minutes.

Deep Clear: If you want to just take factors a step further and truly rid your shaving brush of all the residual grime, soak the bristles in a cup with one component vinegar and one component drinking water for a several minutes. Rinse the brush totally and enable it air dry. 

There are many different sides to a shaving brush, from products and size. For the reason that of that, there are many shaving brushes out there, and it can be difficult to discover the suitable one for you.

From our prime picks, you are certain to discover the ideal one for your preferences and selling price position.    

Shaving Brush FAQs

Nevertheless have some lingering queries about the most effective shaving brushes? Verify out these FAQs.

What is a shaving brush?

A shaving brush is a helpful tool employed to make a lather from shaving soap or product and then apply that to your face for shaving.

What does a shaving brush do?

A shaving brush will help prep the hairs for a clean, clean shave as nicely as exfoliates your skin. It will help just take your shaving encounter to the subsequent degree.

How prolonged does a shaving brush past?

This all is dependent on the kind of bristles in your shaving brush, its cope with product, how nicely it was made, and how nicely you treatment for it. Most shaving brushes, when adequately cared for, can past up to 10 years.