The Best Technology Advances of 2017

Every year, technology brings a lot of advancements and wealth to us. While others have not yet been established, some of them never come true in this capability. However, each day is another chance for the world to migrate from using the fossil fuel into a new form of technology. We might also use this technology to inspire and cure cancer.

This year has brought about much technological advancement across numerous disciplines and platforms. From the new blood test to the holographic computer, technology has helped the human population in many ways. Technology, each time you look, has always tried to push the new society miles ahead. Moreover, technology has struggled to solve most of the problems affecting humanity. It is also important to know that technology affects businesses and innovation.

While it is hard to make all the advancements in technology, science has tried to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

1. Computers on a stick
The introduction of portable computers has come about in the most sophisticated way. Each year, tablets and laptops get an increased capability and power to the computer. While this is true, these technological advancements took a long way in developing high-end skills in this modern technology. The Ace Chromebit and the Intel’s Computer Stick have the capability to turn any HDMI screen into a computer. This device has the capability to throw your mouth agape with their features. They are also used to open a noble channel for education and small businesses.

2. Connect to multiple cellular networks
In the recent years, there is intense growth in the relationship between people and more mobile carriers. For this reason, the industry has also taken note of these effects. T-Mobile is also solving this idea through the introduction of throats. While you use this technology to retain secrecies in your mobile business platform, you can bring about many other ideas using this technology. The Google Project Fi is one of the most common applications of this technology. This technique is refreshingly simple and allows for increased aggression in the impact of technology.

3. Smartphone screens sensing pressure
Apple is the leading company with this capability. They have also led the industry in the production of high-end technological advancements. For its entire history, the company has been viewed as a barometer to measure the level of technological advancements with other companies. The new iPhone screen embedded sensors can recognize force along gestures. They are referred to the 3D touch screen by Apple. However, this is just the beginning of this technology advancement.

4. Artificial Intelligence Fools Humans
Artificial intelligence, despite the many warning signs from television and films, has continued to grow. The first intelligent program to pass the turning test was the Eugene Goostman. For this year, a new program has been developed to disperse many alphabets in the learning industry. It also has the capability to disseminate its examples in the blue light sources. With each passing day, computers get smarter and lively. This is the most exciting part of artificial intelligence.