March 20, 2023

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WAW Personal Loan Review: Costs, fees and features

How does the WAW Particular Loan get the job done?

This mortgage will come with a secured and unsecured selection. The curiosity amount is tailored in accordance to the type and degree of safety offered for the personal loan. This mortgage also has a very long mortgage phrase, up to 15 many years. You require to be situated in or associated with North East Victoria or Southern New South Wales to utilize. The unsecured selection comes with a increased interest rate, but without having the danger of giving protection.

What characteristics does the WAW Private Financial loan supply? 

  • Secured and unsecured possibilities. You can secure the bank loan and obtain lower desire premiums in return. Or you can opt for the unsecured option, with higher fascination prices. You can also partially protected the financial loan.
  • Variable price. With a variable price bank loan, your interest payments could fluctuate in accordance to the marketplace charge. It could reduce if the amount goes down or maximize if the amount goes up.
  • Terms up to 15 a long time. Your personal loan phrase can assortment up to 15 many years.
  • Extra repayments. You can make endless more repayments.

How much does the WAW Particular Personal loan value? 

There are a variety of costs associated with this mortgage. They involve: 

  • Financial loan principal
  • Desire charge starting off from 5.99% p.a.
  • Application rate of $150

This financial loan does not have regular monthly costs. The comparison rate, which features costs and fascination prices, starts off from 6.62% p.a.

What are the pros and drawbacks of the WAW Particular Financial loan?


  • Extended personal loan phrases. You may well be in a position to get conditions up to 15 years. This means lower monthly repayments, even though you are going to be shelling out interest for the period of the bank loan.
  • Endless excess repayments. You can make endless additional repayments and pay out off the personal loan early.


  • Desire costs customized according to protection. Your fascination prices will be personalized based mostly on the stability you present. This can indicate increased prices for some sorts of protection around some others. 
  • Higher interest for unsecured loans. You are going to be billed at a higher fee if you really don’t want to secure or do not have protection to offer you. 
  • No redraw facility. Even though you can make excess repayments, you cannot redraw this income. 

Am I suitable for the WAW Individual Personal loan?

To be suitable for the mortgage, you ought to be situated in or linked with North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales. You really should also be in excess of the age of 18 and meet the credit history evaluation criteria for the solution.  

How do I implement for the WAW Own Mortgage? 

You can make an inquiry via the WAW internet site. Have your files at hand to velocity up the approach.