Wedding Series – Wedding Flowers


Wedding flower bouquet is the most vital floral item for the bride. They are usually worn, carried or used as centerpieces in wedding reception. Besides wedding couple, wedding flowers are also worn by other members, including relatives of bride and groom.

Wedding flowers are usually seasonal, with the most colorful varieties in summer and spring. As most brides are usually engaged in pre-wedding formalities, wedding floral concepts and arrangements are usually left to the florist.

Custom Designs

In some cases, florists work with brides to design custom floral patterns. Color has to be the main criteria for brides. The flowers either have to complement or match the dresses of bridesmaids and bride. They need not clash with the groom’s outfits.

Wedding flowers come in wide color range from yellow, orange, white to pink, with liberal usage of daisies and freesias. They need not detract from the dresses of bridesmaids or bride. Neither should they take attention away from the couple.

Petite brides should settle for small floral arrangements. On the other hand, taller brides must go in for larger patterns, either in length or width or both.

Avoid White

Brides wearing white wedding dress should avoid white flowers in their bouquet. Predominantly white flowers would show up the dress as a grayish version of white or of a cream color. If you like white flowers, place them at the centre of bridal bouquet. Mixture of colors complement the bride’s dress and also brightens the table up.

While selecting wedding flowers, three factors play a major role – shape, color and availability. When combining these three factors, you get an ideal wedding flower bouquet that complements the marriage ceremony. As the groom and bride take their marriage vows, these bouquets serve steady witness to the love, affection, warmth and commitment of the couple’s relationship.

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