What are You Looking for in a Pair of Jeans this Year?

Denim jeans were invented to be a work uniform. Thank goodness times have changed. Now jeans are just an essential wardrobe piece. Jeans come with their own trends. For instance, for the last couple of years skinny jeans and low-waisted jeans have been the trend. For those of us wishing for better jean opens, the time is now. Grab your https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/us.levi.com coupons and let’s shop for the jeans trend that will rock your fashion world.

Here is a Quick Guide to Jeans for 2018 

No more skinny jeans. For 2018, jeans flare out (more on that in a little bit). Pockets are more pronounced and bigger. The waist like is high and low. Yeah, it’s kind of like a stock market right now. So, go with what you feel.

Pre-washed Jeans are the “In” Jeans for 2018 

Pre-washed jeans are washed by the manufacturer. They wash them to create a faded appearance and/or softer texture. Jeans that aren’t pre-washed are usually keep the stiffness and the dark, rich blue color. Well, the latter is out for 2018. The best part about the pre-washed jean trend is that it can be saturated with any color.

Keep Those Jeans Ripped for 2018

You saw this trend a lot last year. It’s the ripped jeans look. The only difference is this year the rip in the jeans are getting wider. More patch strips are added to the jeans too. These new details in jeans allow you to have the grunge look famous in the ’90s or sophisticated look with leather jacket and high heels.

It’s Time to Show Your Hips Off in 2018 

The spring and summer seasons of 2018 are strictly for your hips. You will notice some jeans are a little tighter around the hip area than the previous year. It doesn’t matter if your hips are narrow or wide. You just need to know how to highlight them. For instance, a large metal belt will highlight narrow hips.

Piping and Stripes Take Your Jeans to Another Level in 2018 

Do you want to add a “wow” factor to your outfit this year? Well, these jeans will do the trick. Some jeans have vertical stripes on the sides of the pants or right in the center. The stripes can feature two or more jean colors. For instance, you may have a pair that is faded on the left side and darker on the right side of each pant leg. Other jeans are designed to look like sweat pants with piping down the sides of the jeans.

Picking Your Right Jean Styles for 2018 

The length of jeans must be a little past your ankles. Depending on the jeans they can completely cover your shoes. If your happy medium is somewhere between ankle and foot length jeans, don’t worry. Showing off your jean style must come first. Find a pair of jeans that fit your body. It doesn’t matter if they fit the current trend or not. You should look great and feel comfortable.