September 27, 2022

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What is alt text and how do I write it for jewelry? — Sharon Z Jewelry

Ok jewelers and metalsmiths – you have created a lovely physique of do the job, photographed it, and crafted a web site.

Now it is time to make it more accessible.

I heart alt textual content so a lot. It is a powerful software internet site accessibility. Even though alt textual content is not the only device at your disposal to make your website accessible, it is an significant a single.

It is really Alright if you did not know about this significant factor of your web-site in advance of now. Below is a guide to what it is, why you want it, and how to write it. 

(Author’s notice – if you are previously common with alt textual content, scroll down to the How to Write It and Wherever to Put It sections.)

Alt textual content is the modest bit of text that you use to explain an graphic on your web-site. Occasionally it is also named an alt attribute, or alt tags. All important eCommerce platforms have a place for you to include alt textual content.

How it performs – an individual with a visual impairment needs and desires to use a web page. In order to do so, they use a display screen reader that reads the webpage out loud. When it hits an impression on the page, it doesn’t skip it, it reads whatever description you’ve given it.

This is what alt text is principally for – to present descriptions of your photos.

Other people today who need alt textual content include people with confined online bandwidth – ever have super sluggish internet that won’t load illustrations or photos? Obtaining alt text there aids you figure out if there is essential information and facts in those photographs.

Oh! And alt textual content is tremendous beneficial to anyone who works by using graphic blockers in their electronic mail. If illustrations or photos are not loading, it is important to describe them.

Why you want it

There are plenty of factors, but the most necessary purpose is that accessibility and inclusivity assistance every person navigate the internet.

For us as tiny enterprise owners, there are also useful reasons why we need to have alt textual content. And there are no downsides to incorporating it to your web-site.

Explanation #1 – Having a web site that is inaccessible indicates that you are potentially leaving funds on the table. Right after all, if anyone are not able to use or navigate your site, then they also cannot buy from you.

Motive #2 – All of the textual content that’s on your website is searchable by means of research engines like Duck Duck Go, Mozilla, Google, etc. You give oneself your best benefit if you have superior information on your website. And this means owning searchable text on your photos.

Rationale #3 is my have – I contemplate accessibility to be a fundamental factor of running a site, and I try to make mine as accessible as I know how to.

How to create it

Alt text has a single function, and a number of rewards and it’s main goal is to be go through by people today, not bots.

So each time you create alt text, consider about what another individual needs to know about the graphic.

Most effective Methods

  • Place on your own into the head of a purchaser exploring for jewelry.

  • Think about how they would explain it, and attempt to respond to their issues.

  • Is it the materials? The shape? The stone? If it is demonstrated on an ear?

  • Use keyword phrases sparingly, and make certain that they are related to the picture.

  • Be descriptive and never rely on an more mature net apply of “search term stuffing” *

  • Preserve your alt textual content beneath 150 characters or 12 text so that they are understandable and readable.


Listed here is a picture of some earrings. The alt textual content reads “oxidized silver eye-shaped stud earrings on a metal slab”.