March 28, 2023

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What sun glasses colours do you want?

What colours do you want?

Contrary to popular belief, the wholesale sunglasses colours of shades don’t really have anything to do with how protective they are. It’s all about how the lenses are made–a light wash lens can protect you just as well as the darkest, reflective lenses. This means that when choosing colours, it’s all a matter of taste.

Choose colours that complement your skin tone. If you have a more olive skin tone, go for lenses and frames that are in a warmer colour–browns, ambers, and golds are definitely your best bet. If your skin has a cooler undertone, opt for lenses and frames in silver, black, and rose-gold.

How big should the frames be?

This factor all comes down to your specific features. There’s no set formula or rule for what the perfect size of frames are. If you can, try the printed sunglasses you’re eyeing while you’re in the shop so you can get a feel of how they suit your facial features.

When shopping online, always check the description for the dimensions of the sunglasses that you’re looking at. Some websites have a My Fit feature where you can upload a photo of yourself to see how the sunglasses will look on you. Whichever option you choose, remember that quality sunglasses should enhance your features, not hide them.

Do they show your personal style?

This might seem like the simplest factor but it’s actually the most important one on this list–after all, your accessories and fashion should reflect your own personal style. When choosing the perfect sunglasses, make sure that you’re satisfied with how you feel while wearing them.

The best pair of goedkope zonnebrillen for you will always make you feel like you’re 100%. When deciding between something trendy and something that makes you feel confident, always go for the latter. Sunglasses may shield you from the sun, but they should make you feel like you shine from the inside out.

Choosing which pair of sunnies is right for you can definitely be a challenge because there are so many factors to consider. But by keeping our top tips in mind, you can make sure you’re equipped to go out and choose the best sunglasses to suit your lifestyle and fashion identity.

Whether you’re shopping at Target or going online to browse the latest sunnies, these tips and tricks will definitely make your trip worth the trouble. Enjoy every moment you’re out in the sunshine and take that step closer to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!