You Can Still Have a Dream Wedding on a Budget!


Getting married is likely going to be one of the best days of your life, and maybe next to the birth of any children probably the best. With this in mind you can see why the average cost of a wedding increases year after year to approximately $20,000. Bear in mind that this figure does not include the cost of a honeymoon or wedding rings either.

With so much money being spent on your wedding it is vitally important that you prepare a budget and stick to it regardless.  Otherwise you may well end up sacrificing certain parts of your wedding or maybe even start off married life in debt which is less then ideal.

Assuming you have a reasonable size budget at your disposal you should spend wisely on the key areas that matter to you.  For the most part this will be your wedding venue, reception and of course your wedding dress.

If you try and cut-corners by not investing in these key areas then the likelihood is you will look back on your wedding day with possible regrets and no bride wants that do they?

So with most of your wedding budget spent on the crucial items mentioned above how do you make savings everywhere else without sacrificing on quality?  Impossible right?  Well actually no, not if you are prepared to put a little work in.

As an example, you could cut down on wedding costs by making your own wedding invitations.  When my wife and I got married three years ago, we had a caricature commissioned of the both of us standing outside the church.  With the artists permission we then set about scanning the picture and created multiple wedding invitations out of it.  To this day, our family and friends still comment on what a great idea it was and it cost less then $100 for everything.

Wedding favors are notoriously expensive too, but they don’t have to be.  Why not buy each of your guests a lottery ticket for just $1 each.  If your wedding is on a Saturday you can ask the DJ to read out the winning numbers in the evening and it will create a real sense of excitement for all your guests.

These are just a few ideas on how you can have the wedding of your dreams by spending the majority of your budget on the things that matter most, whilst cutting back on other areas without sacrificing on the quality of your big day.

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