3 Easy and Fun Makeover Ideas for When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

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Feeling down or not quite yourself? You might be able to lift your mood with a fun makeover. Sometimes, simply changing your look can help you feel not only physically but emotionally transformed as well. Whether you’re staying in or headed out, take a night off to try some of these easy ideas for a brand new you!

  1. Try Getting Some Funky Hair Extensions

Your hair can serve as a strong expression of self, so when you’re in the mood for a change, it could be time for hair extensions White Plains NY. If your hair is currently short or if you just want a little fullness, trying some extensions could help you quickly achieve a totally different look.

  1. Make Sure Your Nails Are Spot-On and Stylish

Getting a mani-pedi is a classic go-to when your spirits needs to be lifted. Having polished, flawless nails not only completes an outfit but can provide a little mood boost throughout the day as well. Try matching the shades you pick out to your favorite clothes!

  1. Experiment With Out-of-the-Box Makeup Ideas

If your main experience with makeup is a few swipes of red lipstick or dark mascara as a professional look for work, it could cheer you up to try experimenting with a few out-of-the-box looks that might not fly at the office. On your own time, try on different colors of eyeshadow, unique shades of lipstick or dark eyeliner to your heart’s content. You might just find your next favorite go-to makeup look this way!

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, a lighthearted at-home makeover could be just the thing to help lift your spirits. Whether you want to experiment with makeup, get a mani-pedi or switch up your hairstyle, reviving your look could go a long way towards boosting your mood. Try some of these makeover ideas the next time you’re not feeling your best!