5 Tips Every Cost-Conscious Shopper Should Know About Where to Buy Moroccan Oil


Moroccan beauty oils are a hot item these days. With the amazing positive effects they can have on your hair and skin there is no mystery as to why. It is called “Miracle Oil” and “Liquid Gold” for a reason. But as those names suggest, quality Argan Oil, the main ingredient in Moroccan Oils, is not cheap. Argan Oil the most rare oil on earth. Anything that rare and that valuable is bound to have a plethora of knock off and counterfeit products in the market. This create a problem for the cost conscious shopper who wants a good deal, but obviously does not want to be ripped off with fake Argan oil.

Fortunately there a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the best Moroccan Argan Oil at the best price.

  1. Argan Oil has very distinctive odor. If you have used real Argon Moroccan Oil in the past you will not forget the odor. Some think of it as a sweet musky smell, almost like cologne. A counterfeit will not have this smell, so knowing it can be a dead giveaway of a fake.
  2. One of the most popular brands of Argan oil products, Moroccan oil, officially only sell through brick and mortar hair salons. Part of this is to support the local hairstylist-customer relationship, but part of this is to keep costs high. Many other brands of Argan Oil claim that you can only get them through your hairstylist. Obviously if you trust your hairstylist and they have connections with the brand of Moroccan Oil you want this is great. However because of their “monopoly” on distribution of this amazing product hair stylists are allowed, and encouraged, to mark up their retail price on the product they can sell to customers. If you want to get a good deal going online is an option but you have to be careful because…
  3. Even Amazon has had issues with counterfeit bottles of Moroccan oil being delivered to customers. In some cases it was obvious because the liquid did not smell right (see #1) and also because it was clear the seal had been tampered with and the bottle had opened up and spilled all over the inside of it’s packaging. Many people don’t know it, but Amazon cannot guarantee every seller. You should always check feedback and user reviews when using Amazon. Just like eBay, some sellers are great, and some are not so reputable. DON’T just go by lowest price. Of course if you have a trusted source to tell you which sellers to use and which not to use that can help too.
  4. Some brick and mortar salons that are official dealers of Moroccan oil DO also sell online. You may be able to get a good deal here since they are competing with other online store’s prices. Make sure it is a reputable store before purchasing.
  5. Stick to name brands. There are some good deals to be found with no-name brands, but not only do you have the risk of counterfeits but also of no-name brands that have nothing to lose, so they dilute the Argan content or exaggerate the “purity”. Brands like Moroccan oil, Josie Maran and Slice of Nature are known to be good manufacturers of quality Argan Oil based products. They have a reputation to uphold, so as long as you follow the other tips above and find a reputable seller you will be in good shape.

Buying a product that is in such high demand can be a bit stressful, due to the extra precautions that it requires. But it is worth it. Pure, quality Argan oil products are in high demand because they are so remarkably effective. Don’t miss out on the great benefits to your hair and skin. You can find good deals online, but you have to operate with caution as well as cost considerations.

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