Energex network and essential service information (December 2020)

Energex is in charge of making and restoring all the parts that make up the electrical power grid in South-East Queensland, which includes Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. We’ll go by way of the call aspects you could possibly need, as nicely as how what they do isn’t really the similar as merchants like AGL or Strength Australia.

Energex call data

There are a couple of unique strategies to get in touch with Energex, based on your goal.

  • Standard enquiries. 13 12 fifty three (7am to five:30pm weekdays).
  • Electrical emergencies. 13 19 sixty two (24/seven).
  • Electric power outages. 13 sixty two sixty two (24/seven).

If you have difficulties hearing, call the Nationwide Relay Service on 13 36 seventy seven (teletypewriter) or 1300 555 727 (talk and pay attention), and then ask for Energex’s typical call variety, 13 12 fifty three.

For normal enquiries or grievances, you can use the Energex call type. You can expect a response in five business times.

What to do in a electrical power outage

If your household suddenly loses electrical power, adhere to these actions:

  • Has there been an emergency? For fallen powerlines or electrical shocks, use Energex’s emergency line on 13 19 sixty two. If individuals have been wounded or damage, ask for emergency aid by using 000.
  • Look at for outage experiences. Energex has a checklist of outages it updates each fifteen minutes that can be searched, or sorted by suburb and council. These will checklist how lots of individuals have been impacted additionally the induce of the outage, if recognised.
  • Report it. If the outage isn’t really detailed, you can ring up Energex on 13 sixty two sixty two or lodge a electrical power outage report utilizing this type. They’ll perform on correcting it as swiftly as they can.

Severe weather can induce outages and hold off the restoration of electrical power. Energex gives a lightning tracker device so you can see wherever lightning has struck and how it could possibly be impacting electrical power endeavours.

Who is Energex?

Energex is a electrical power distributor that handles most of the urban centres in the South-East of Queensland, making and retaining infrastructure that gives energy to three.four million people.

Energex was corporatised in 1997. It was merged with Ergon Strength under guardian company Strength Queensland by the Queensland state govt in 2016, which has its headquarters dependent in Townsville.

How is Energex unique to Strength Australia, AGL, and other merchants you could possibly discover on your monthly bill?

As a distributor, Energex is responsible for the electrical power provide network – the actual physical poles and wires that type the energy grid – but not electrical power technology or retail. Strength Australia, AGL, and other businesses are merchants, who supply electricity contracts to buyers.

These merchants invest in electrical power from the network at a wholesale selling price, and then resell it to their buyers with the electricity contracts, prices, and tariffs you happen to be utilised to observing. Shops usually are not involved in retaining or making the electrical power network, not like Energex.

You should really only call Energex about network difficulties, these types of as electrical power outages or provide difficulties. They would not be able to aid you with queries about your electricity monthly bill or electrical difficulties in your property, which are the business of merchants or electricians.

What regions are serviced by Energex?

The Energex network handles an space of approximately 25,000 sq. kilometres in South East Queensland. It stretches all the way from the northern border of NSW to the Gympie area in the north, and includes main population regions like Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, Ipswich, Redlands, Logan, and Moreton Bay.

Energex borders Essential Strength in the south, a NSW distributor that providers a couple of cities on the NSW-Queensland border. The other electrical power distributor in Queensland is Ergon Strength, a govt-owned distributor that serves the regional elements of the state.

Evaluate energy designs in the Energex distribution network

These specials are from merchants on our databases that involve a hyperlink to their site or a type from an electricity broker. Costs are dependent on a residential buyer in Brisbane (Postcode: 4000) who consumes four,600 kWh a 12 months on a solitary charge tariff in the Energex network. We display one prepare per supplier and the approximated selling price includes conditional discount rates. Any designs with distinctive eligibility specifications are excluded from this checklist. Your precise monthly bill may range, based on your usage.

Dependent on the AER once-a-year model usage in the Energex network, the AER reference selling price is $one,508 / 12 months.
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