Finding Antique Jewelry At Wholesale Prices


Antique jewelry is often very valuable, and purchasing jewelry cost a substantial amount of money. Then again you are able to buy antique jewelry, wholesale as well – knowing where to look.

The majority of people think that online auctions, such as eBay is the way to go. While this is true, often, you are going to find that the vendor knows the worth of what they’re selling, and it is sometimes costly. There are other methods to get antique jewelry for wholesale prices – or below.

Be on the lookout for advertised property sales and garage sales. Usually, at these sales, people holding the sale, don’t know the real worth of what they are selling. It is virtually possible to purchase 100s or 1000s of dollars worth of antique jewelry for just a few bucks on a typical sunday morning.

It is crucial that you do not look too closely at the Jewelry when buying. If it is valuable, you don’t want the owner to know how valuable it truly is! It isn’t your fault that they did not get it appraised – as you will often when you leave! Keep a straight face and keep the satisfaction to yourself, and pay the fifty cents or two bucks that they want for the item, get in your vehicle and go to a trustworthy jeweler for an appraisal!

There is a chance that the piece does not worth anything – but sometimes, you will stumble across some real discoveries! Even if the piece isn’t worth anything, you will be able to disassemble it for the parts if you make jewelry.

Searching for antique wholesale jewelry is an enjoyable thing to do. In Sometimes, spending mornings at yard and estate sales may become very addictive! Yard and estate sales – especially, estate sales where grandkids are not interested in their grandma’s outdated ugly jewelry is the very best places for antique jewelry at wholesale prices – or below.

This does not mean in any way that there aren’t any real find on eBay, so don’t discount it. Search in jewelry categories, as well as antiques or vintage categories. Once you find something that you wish to bid on, make sure the seller has good reputation. If an item is very expensive, use the escrow option that is advised by eBay. Additionally, start a conversation with the seller to understand exactly what is being sold.

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