So You Want Whiter Skin?

In a survey conducted in Asian countries, results showed that one out of three women use skin whitening as part of their daily regimen. Whitening products now come in assorted and convenient forms, from the simple soaps and astringents to the more hardcore – injection and bleaching treatment options in dermatology clinics. Another whitening agent that has all the rage in the health and beauty industry is glutathione.

Gluta – what??

Rumor has it that glutathione is commonly used by celebrities and models to maintain a smooth, white complexion. To begin with, glutathione is a substance found naturally in our cells. It is a small protein produced by our body whose main purpose is to fight the effects of harmful chemicals in the environment.

Things like pollution, UV rays from sun exposure and chemicals used in processing food threaten the body and cause cell damage, especially when combined with smoking, alcohol binges, an unhealthy diet and everyday stress. Simply put, the more a person is exposed to toxins, the more he or she uses up his or her natural glutathione supply, hence the need for more.

Glutathione also comes in tablet form as a food supplement to a regular diet. It protect s the body by raising glutathione levels, which act as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals, detoxify the body and boost the immune system. In fact, glutathione is often referred to as the body’s natural master antioxidant because it can immediately “rescue” cell damage, plus help the body heal faster.

I will be writing more about glutathione and will write about how it works and how dangerous it could be.

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