LG CordZero A9 Ultimate Handstick Vacuum review

The A9 Top is the prime-of-the-assortment model in LG’s CordZero adhere vacuum assortment. In addition to the common array of vacuum heads, it will come with a rotating mop that routinely dispenses water through procedure.

With an RRP of $1,349, LG is positioning the A9 Top as a immediate competitor to the Dyson V11. However, I am not completely persuaded that it is worthy of these a hefty rate tag, given the inherent limitations of adhere designs (this is a criticism that applies equally to Dyson).

But if you happen to be eager to pony up the income, the A9 Top is an outstanding vacuum that ticks all the vital cleaning containers, which includes battery lifetime, simplicity of use and flexibility.


  • Straightforward to use and assemble
  • Minimalist person interface
  • Seven heads and nozzles integrated
LG CordZero A9

The LG CordZero A9 Top follows the identical design template as other adhere vacuums on the market place. The notion is equivalent to a dustbuster, just greater and a lot extra potent. It characteristics a battery-operated motor and charging stand, a compact dust bin and a collection of detachable vacuum heads related to a telescopic vacuum pipe.

Contrary to cheaper adhere vacuums, the LG CordZero A9 Top will come with a pair of interchangeable Lithium-Ion batteries. You can demand these independently of the vacuum working with the provided stand.

LG has not skimped on the attachments either. You get four motorised nozzles (which includes the aforementioned rotating mop), a versatile crevice instrument, a mattress nozzle and a limited bristle brush for gathering tricky grime. In all, there are seven head attachments integrated in the deal.

Image: Chris Jager

All of the attachments can be mounted to the charging stand, which final results in a conspicuously tall and bulky device. It is feasible to “downsize” the ground stand if house is constrained, but you will then want to retail store the nozzles someplace independently. The deal also incorporates a wall mount if you choose a everlasting fixture.

The control structure comprises three thumb buttons: energy on/off and a pair of -/+ buttons that toggle in between Usual, Electricity and Turbo Modes. Unfortunately, you will find no inbuilt screen apart from a primitive battery gauge. At this rate, we have been anticipating an LED exhibit equivalent to the Dyson V11 and Roborock H6. As it stands, it is not normally apparent which energy mode you happen to be working with, primarily if you happen to be listening to-impaired.

In phrases of visual appearance, the LG CordZero A9 Top is reminiscent of Dyson’s Stick Vacuum assortment, featuring a equivalent gun-shaped physique in muted silvers and greys. The telescopic pipe and nozzles share a equivalent colour scheme, which I personally choose to Dyson’s vibrant reds.

The deal will come with two removable filters that can be washed and reused.


  • Functions on most surfaces
  • Dust bin latch is troublesome
LG CordZero A9

LG is pitching the CordZero A9 Top as a entire replacement for your corded canister vacuum and trusty mop. The integrated attachments are created to tackle just about any domestic surface area.

There are dedicated, motorised heads for carpets, tricky flooring, mopping and bedding, furthermore three non-run nozzles that count on the vacuum’s suctioning energy. Small of pot-plant topiary, you will find not a entire lot the A9 Top are unable to do (on paper, at least.)

According to LG, the A9 Ultimate’s motor makes artificial whirlwinds of air to help independent and suck up dust particles when cleaning. This is assisted by the rotating rollers in the motorised heads. It all seems very amazing, but can a battery-run vacuum really contend with a standard AC-run device?

I tested the LG CordZero A9 Top on carpet, lino, a shag rug, a hardwood ground and some crumb-strewn bedsheets, working with the intended nozzle for each task.

It done effectively in each check, with the exception of the rug. Even at the maximum setting, particles remained stubbornly embedded in the pile. If your carpets are thicker and shaggier than regular, this could be problematic. But for most consumers, the A9 Top is potent more than enough to get the position done – just.

Distinctive mention must also go to the Multi-Area Electricity Travel Mop which is the true star of the deal. This is a motorised head attachment that will allow you to vacuum and mop at the identical time. It achieves this by means of a pair of rotating fabric cleaning pads and a plastic tank that routinely dispenses water to retain the fabric moist. You can choose to have the water spray out at either 6 or eight-second intervals. 4 mop pads are integrated in the box.

Image: Chris Jager

With the common Electricity Travel Nozzle attached, the LG CordZero A9 Top weighs about 3kg. This is quite common for a substantial-finish adhere vacuum (the Dyson V11 Complete weights 3.05kg, for illustration).

While more compact youngsters may well struggle with the measurement and bodyweight, it is much less cumbersome than a standard corded vacuum and a lot extra exciting to use. Little ones will be chomping at the little bit to receive their pocket revenue with this detail.

The adjustable vacuum pipe extends to a utmost of 1.12 metres. This ought to remove the want to stoop uncomfortably, no issue how tall you are.

While we wouldn’t contact it peaceful, the LG CordZero A9 Top unquestionably isn’t really the noisiest vacuum on the market place. LG charges it at 86db in Turbo mode, which seems about suitable. In Usual mode it passes the “Tv check” – I vacuumed about my lounge home without having obtaining any angry reviews from family members seeing Netflix.

The A9 Top has a bin ability of .44 litres, which is about 50 {cbf6da10fac2230370cea9448ed9872290737d25c88b8c8db3eefaf8c399e33d} the measurement of the Dyson V11 Complete. Yet, it continues to be large more than enough to do a total house clean without having any concerns (provided your house isn’t really ridiculously filthy). LG has attempted to make emptying the dust bin quick by means of a launch button, but we found the system a little bit fiddly.

As outlined, the charging stand has a large footprint and stands about 50 {cbf6da10fac2230370cea9448ed9872290737d25c88b8c8db3eefaf8c399e33d} a metre tall. While it is not as bulky as a standard barrel vacuum, you are unable to really toss it into a cupboard out of sight because of to the charging demands. It looks handsome more than enough, but just be conscious that it is likely to be on exhibit someplace in your domestic.

Battery lifetime

  • Contains dual batteries
  • Up to 40 minutes for every battery (but only technically)
Roborock H6

The LG CordZero A9 Top deal incorporates two interchangeable two,000mAh batteries. This correctly doubles your battery lifetime and will allow you to demand a person battery when working with the other.

It also tends to make battery replacement much easier, which ought to help to lengthen the lifetime of the merchandise (by contrast, a model like the Roborock H6 calls for you to switch the complete vacuum if the battery goes kaput). Battery replacements aren’t low cost though, with LG charging about $a hundred and forty for a new battery.

LG charges each battery at “up to 40 minutes”. However, this is a tiny deceptive, as it refers to a non-motorised nozzle working at the least expensive feasible suction setting. In fact, you happen to be likely to be working with the motorised head in Turbo Manner for most carpets.

This final results in a much much less amazing battery lifetime of about 10 minutes. With that stated, the inclusion of an further battery means you can very easily swap batteries mid-clean. This gives you a minimum of 20 minutes cleaning time in between rates.

You can demand a person battery when working with the other, despite the fact that this isn’t really as handy as it seems. A total demand can take someplace in the area of 3.5 hrs, which tends to make numerous demand-and-swap relays not possible.

Ought to you get the LG CordZero A9 Top Handstick Vacuum?

  • Get it if you want a multipurpose adhere vacuum and mop for numerous surface area sorts
  • You should not get it if you want a little something low cost and straightforward

The LG CordZero A9 Top Handstick Vacuum is a very good all-rounder that is capable of cleaning and mopping most domestic surfaces. The inclusion of removable batteries is also hugely appreciated. However, at more than a grand in rate, it is prohibitively costly even when as opposed to a Dyson and not as potent as a standard substantial-finish vacuum.

If revenue is no item and you like the concept of a motorised mop, the LG CordZero A9 Top is an outstanding choice. For anyone else, attempt a person of LG’s cheaper CordZero designs instead.

Pricing and availability



two several years parts and labour + 8 several years on motor


Spare Pre-Filter, Electricity Travel Holder, 4x Mopping Pads, Water Jug

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