Salwar Kameez – The Best Dress For the Bride’s And Groom’s Sisters and Friends


Wedding is an occasion which everyone wants to enjoy in the best possible manner, including the bride and groom. They want to have it arranged in a unique way. The bride and groom families, start making preparations for this, immediately after the date is fixed. As the bride and groom want to look best on their wedding day, their respective families want to look best too.

Usually, the bride’s and groom’s sisters, bride’s close friends and cousins become really excited about it. They start deciding about the dresses they would be wearing on their friend’s special day and also the make-up they would wear on the day. For all of them, salwar kameez is the best dress. As with changing trends, diverse ideas are suggested by the bride and from the family to make the wedding special. One trend is the theme trend. The theme means that the bride’s and groom’s sisters, female friends and cousins would wear the dress in the same color with slightly different kameez designs or dupattas. This really looks nice, distinct, and attractive as well. It also makes them unconventional from rest of the crowd.

During the wedding functions, there is lot of work that needs to be done by the bride’s or groom’s sisters, female cousins or friends, so they should be wearing such dress in which they would be comfortable and would be able to move around at ease.

The salwar kameez makes the bride’s or groom’s sisters, friends or cousins look elegant and traditional as well.

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