Why did the chicken cross the tattoo artist’s mind?

Tattoo artist Ashleigh Mahar, aka Ash Mars, working on her partner Michael Sadleir at Mount Barker. Her exhibition is part of the SALA Festival. Picture: Matt Turner

The Mount Barker tattooist, who works beneath the identify Ash Mars, has a genuine affection for our fowl feathered pals.

She has portrayed her chicken characters’ antics in a series of electronic and handpainted artworks on show at Hibernia Cafe in Magill.

“They are chickens in variety of human situations,” Ms Mahar said.

“One of them is like a plague physician catching a vial of medication, and there’s another 1 that is a sexy chicken lying in some grapes.

“That was a reward for my neighbour, who has chickens and they are always in my lawn, and he provides us eggs.”

Ms Mahar works in a assortment of models, but preferred to acquire her have creative glance.

“I watched this movie that instructed me to just draw 1 detail for a year, so I could figure out what my type is. I chose chickens.”

She was also inspired by clientele who preferred chook tattoos. One requested for a purple hen to remind her that she grew up on a poultry farm, when Mahar’s previous soccer coach preferred a tattoo of chicken character Heihei from the Disney motion picture Moana.

“The way they prance about, chickens are just these kinds of a content detail to draw and to watch,” Ms Mahar said.

The SALA Festival formally ends currently, but some exhibitions continue all through September.

Ashleigh Mahar can be contacted for operate at ashmarstattoo.com

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