Using Balloons to attract Shoppers

There are many ways to entice a customer to your storefront or kiosk. The simplest way is with a sign in your window. This is a good start, but you might want to consider some extra touches to grab attention more quickly. The next step would be a sandwich board advertising your store. Since a sandwich board is right in the path of foot traffic, it’s easily seen and can be utilized in different locations. But if there are a lot of people walking around, your sandwich board can get lost in the sea of people, so you’ll need to use another technique to get noticed.

One technique you can use is tying balloons to your door or to the sandwich board itself. Since balloons filled with helium will rise above the heads of pedestrians, a shopper will notice them and realize there is something of interest at that location. Balloons are also inexpensive and come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Usually you will see rubber balloons used for this purpose, but another choice you have is to use Mylar or foil balloons. These types of balloons are also helium-filled and will therefore hang in the air above the heads of shoppers just like rubber balloons.

Mylar, or polyethylene terephthalate is a form of polyester that is stretched into a sheet. Because the substance has high tensile strength, it’s perfect for use as a balloon as it is not likely to burst if you accidentally put too much air into it. Another advantage to using this kind of a balloon is that Mylar is a very reflective material. So as the balloon turns in the wind it is constantly reflecting whatever light is around it. Seeing something flashing and sparkling is always going to grab the attention of those nearby.

These types of balloons can also be pre-printed in full color and will be very easy to read unlike a rubber balloon that can stretch or distort an image. Everything from “Happy Birthday!” to “Great Job!” to licensed cartoon characters can be found readily available in party stores and on-line. But you can go just that bit further and have the balloons printed with a custom design such as your business logo. One site that can do this for you is Promotion Choice (

The material is available in several different size and shapes, too. For example, if your logo is a curved word or line of text, it might fit on a heart-shaped balloon and shoppers will always stop and look at a shining heart that is floating in the air above their heads.

Yes, rubber balloons are definitely less expensive. So, if you’re concerned about the cost of the balloons, you can always pair one or two foil ones with several rubber ones to create a vibrant mid-air bouquet that will be sure to get noticed. Balloons are very effective attention-getters, and shoppers (especially children) will also enjoy receiving one when they visit your store.